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Hunter x Hunter manga returns briefly in November but goes back on hiatus

After a highly anticipated return following a four-year hiatus, the Hunter x Hunter manga series has unfortunately gone back on hiatus once again, leaving fans disappointed and longing for more. The news comes just two months after the manga’s much-celebrated comeback, emphasizing the unpredictable nature of the series and its creator, Yoshihiro Togashi. According to […]

Hunter x Hunter fans plea for manga return on creator’s 57th birthday

On April 27, 2023, the devoted fandom of Hunter x Hunter, the popular manga series, joined together to celebrate the 57th birthday of its esteemed creator, Yoshihiro Togashi. Fans of Togashi’s other works, such as Yu Yu Hakusho, also extended their warm wishes to the talented author and illustrator. However, it was the Hunter x […]

Hunter X Hunter Characters Ages, Heights, and Birthdays

Here is a list of the main characters in Hunter x Hunter and their respective age, height, and birthday: Gon Freecss – Age: 14, Height: 154 cm, Birthday: May 5 Killua Zoldyck – Age: 14, Height: 160 cm, Birthday: July 7 Kurapika – Age: 19, Height: 171 cm, Birthday: April 4 Leorio Paradinight – Age: […]

Hunter X Hunter set to return after another hiatus, confirms creator

Hunter x Hunter manga fans are eagerly anticipating the next set of chapters of the beloved series, but they may be in for an extended wait. According to Shonen Jump News, the manga is no longer listed as serialized from the Weekly Shonen Jump on the magazine’s official website. Instead, it has been moved to […]