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Hisoka’s Impact on Gon’s Development in Hunter x Hunter

“The significance of Hisoka’s role in Gon’s development of power: Is Hisoka merely an antagonist or something more? After an extended hiatus, the Hunter x Hunter anime made a triumphant return to Shonen Jump, bringing back Togashi Yoshihiro’s captivating characters, compelling storylines, and exhilarating fight sequences. Among the notable characters, Hisoka stands out. Hisoka’s infatuation […]

Hunter x Hunter manga returns briefly in November but goes back on hiatus

After a highly anticipated return following a four-year hiatus, the Hunter x Hunter manga series has unfortunately gone back on hiatus once again, leaving fans disappointed and longing for more. The news comes just two months after the manga’s much-celebrated comeback, emphasizing the unpredictable nature of the series and its creator, Yoshihiro Togashi. According to […]

Special Trailer Released for Hunter x Hunter Manga Volume 37

Yoshihiro Togashi’s highly acclaimed manga series, Hunter x Hunter, has recently delighted fans with the release of a special trailer for Volume 37. This eagerly anticipated volume made its debut on November 4, marking a significant milestone as it is the first installment to be released in over four years. The previous volume hit the […]

Hunter x Hunter fans plea for manga return on creator’s 57th birthday

On April 27, 2023, the devoted fandom of Hunter x Hunter, the popular manga series, joined together to celebrate the 57th birthday of its esteemed creator, Yoshihiro Togashi. Fans of Togashi’s other works, such as Yu Yu Hakusho, also extended their warm wishes to the talented author and illustrator. However, it was the Hunter x […]

Hunter X Hunter: 7 Most Devastating Deaths In The Anime, Ranked

Here’s a list of the 7 most devastating deaths in the anime “Hunter X Hunter,” ranked: Kite – Kite’s death is arguably the most devastating in the series. He was a beloved mentor to Gon, and his death early on in the Chimera Ant arc sets the tone for the rest of the arc. His […]

5 New Nen Abilities in Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter is a popular anime and manga series that explores the world of Nen abilities, which are essentially unique superpowers that are used by various characters in the series. Throughout the series, there have been numerous Nen abilities that have been introduced, and recently, the manga has revealed 5 new Nen abilities that […]

Hunter x Hunter no longer the most complex manga in Shonen Jump

In the world of manga and anime, Hunter x Hunter has earned a reputation for its complexity, confusing abilities, and various political factions. However, a new series called Cipher Academy by Nisioisin and Yuji Iwasaki has recently surpassed Hunter x Hunter in terms of complexity. Cipher Academy centers around Iroha Irohazaka, who attempts to survive […]