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Speculation on the release date and cast of Hunter x Hunter season 7

Hunter x Hunter has been a beloved anime series since its manga’s debut in 1998, with a dedicated fanbase that has followed its various adaptations with enthusiasm. In fact, the series has seen not one, but two anime adaptations since its inception, with the first starting in 1999 and running for four seasons before coming […]

Hunter x Hunter no longer the most complex manga in Shonen Jump

In the world of manga and anime, Hunter x Hunter has earned a reputation for its complexity, confusing abilities, and various political factions. However, a new series called Cipher Academy by Nisioisin and Yuji Iwasaki has recently surpassed Hunter x Hunter in terms of complexity. Cipher Academy centers around Iroha Irohazaka, who attempts to survive […]

Ranking the top 8 smartest characters in the anime Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter features a diverse cast of characters with unique abilities, personalities, and strengths. Among the show’s characters are some of the brightest and most intelligent individuals who play a significant role in the story. Here are the top eight smartest characters in Hunter X Hunter, ranked according to their intelligence, problem-solving skills, and […]