Hunter x Hunter fans plea for manga return on creator’s 57th birthday

Hunter x Hunter fans beg Togashi for a series return on his 57th birthday in the most respectful way possible (Image via Shueisha)

On April 27, 2023, the devoted fandom of Hunter x Hunter, the popular manga series, joined together to celebrate the 57th birthday of its esteemed creator, Yoshihiro Togashi. Fans of Togashi’s other works, such as Yu Yu Hakusho, also extended their warm wishes to the talented author and illustrator. However, it was the Hunter x Hunter enthusiasts who particularly stood out on this occasion, thanks to the manga’s recent but tantalizingly short-lived return.

While the primary focus of the fans remained Togashi’s birthday and expressing their heartfelt congratulations, there was an underlying current of hope for the eventual revival of the series. Despite Togashi’s repeated assurances that he intends to complete the story, the desire for the manga’s return intensified following its recent temporary resurgence.

The Hunter x Hunter fans adeptly blended their well-wishes for Togashi’s 57th birthday with fervent pleas for the series’ continuation. As mentioned earlier, April 27, 2023, marked the milestone birthday of Yoshihiro Togashi, a revered mangaka widely admired within the industry. Unfortunately, Togashi’s ongoing spinal health issues have significantly impeded his ability to release regular chapters for several years.

Although the series experienced a recent resurgence with a 10-chapter run, it only served to whet the appetite of fans rather than fully satiating their longing for new content. The focus of these chapters delved into the origins of the Phantom Troupe in Meteor City, showcasing the younger days of each member and introducing new characters who played significant roles in the group’s formation.

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For many ardent Hunter x Hunter fans, the fact that Togashi continues to work on additional chapters, as evident from updates on his personal Twitter account, has been both a source of anticipation and disappointment. While the fans are incredibly understanding of Togashi’s debilitating health issues, which severely affect his daily life, the yearning for the series’ return remains unabated.

Togashi has previously shared glimpses into his daily struggles, such as the need to lie down in the shower and difficulties in performing mundane tasks like using the bathroom. When it comes to creating manga manuscripts, he has to assume a belly-up position due to his health limitations. Despite these challenges, Togashi soldiers on, propelled by his love and respect for the fans who have embraced his series.

Fortunately, the requests for Hunter x Hunter’s return from fans are characterized by utmost respect and a clear prioritization of Togashi’s birthday wishes. Those who combine both in a single post make a conscious effort to place Togashi’s celebration before their pleas for the series’ continuation. Moreover, they express understanding of Togashi’s health struggles and the impact they have on the production schedule.

This sentiment is widely shared among fans who willingly voice their thoughts on social media platforms like Twitter. While some may initially perceive it as impolite to make series-related requests on a creator’s birthday, those who engage in such discussions are doing so in the most respectful manner possible, acknowledging and appreciating the challenges faced by Togashi.

As 2023 unfolds, it is crucial to stay updated on all the latest news surrounding Hunter x Hunter, as well as other noteworthy developments in the realms of anime, manga, films, and live-action adaptations. The passionate fandom eagerly awaits further updates and hopes to witness the continuation of the captivating Hunter x Hunter saga.

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