Hisoka’s Impact on Gon’s Development in Hunter x Hunter

“The significance of Hisoka’s role in Gon’s development of power: Is Hisoka merely an antagonist or something more?

After an extended hiatus, the Hunter x Hunter anime made a triumphant return to Shonen Jump, bringing back Togashi Yoshihiro’s captivating characters, compelling storylines, and exhilarating fight sequences. Among the notable characters, Hisoka stands out.

Hisoka’s infatuation with Gon is often seen as extravagant and even absurd. As Gon continuously pushes his limits and evolves throughout the series, Hisoka’s obsession with him intensifies. Gon’s endurance, bravery, and relentless pursuit of growth drive him to train harder, increase his power, and master techniques like En, Ko, Gyo, Ten, Zetsu, and Hatsu.

Hisoka’s fascination with Gon traces back to the early stages of the hunter exam when Gon saves Leorio from Hisoka’s clutches. During the exam, Hisoka effortlessly defeats his opponents. When Gon intervenes to rescue Leorio, putting himself in a precarious situation, Hisoka briefly restrains him but ultimately lets him go. Hisoka recognizes the fiery determination in Gon’s eyes, which impresses him and ignites his desire to fight him. His obsession extends beyond Gon to include a longing to battle Chrollo Lucilfer, the leader of the Phantom Troupe.

Hisoka possesses the ability to discern hidden potential, which he identifies in Gon and nurtures into something extraordinary. Consequently, despite their encounters, Hisoka never intends to kill Gon. For instance, at the Heavens Arena, Hisoka refrains from ending Gon’s life when he realizes he is not yet ready for the fight. Hisoka’s fixation on Gon can be likened to fattening a pig for slaughter.

This fixation intensifies after witnessing Gon’s improvement in Nen during the dodgeball match, fueling Hisoka’s determination to face him. Hisoka’s obsession is not rooted in perversity, contrary to what some fans believe. Regardless of his outward appearance, Hisoka’s intentions are clear: to test his skills against formidable opponents. His narcissistic nature drives him to become one of the world’s most formidable fighters, thus seeking to challenge the strongest. Hisoka craves power to the extent that he would go to any lengths to protect his latest catch, Gon. This is evident when Hisoka and Illumi Zoldyck almost engage in a fight as Illumi attempts to prevent Killua from saving Gon.

While Gon deserves praise for his personal growth through perseverance and bravery, Hisoka’s role cannot be underestimated. His constant taunting and provocation during battles deeply irritate Gon, motivating him to overcome challenges and become stronger. Hisoka serves as a bridge that Gon must cross, a tenacious little hero compelled to prove himself. Gon even presents Hisoka with his Hunter badge as proof of his worthiness, an audacious act that further entices Hisoka. When Gon lands a blow on Hisoka during the Heavens Arena tournament, it undoubtedly satisfies Hisoka, affirming that he has chosen the right adversary.

Apart from the hunter exam, Yoshihiro’s plan for Gon’s growth and power level revolves around the Heavens Arena, where Hisoka plays a pivotal role. It is no coincidence that the creator incorporates Hisoka into this arc, as he actively shapes Gon’s development into a powerful individual. Fans of Hunter x Hunter eagerly anticipate a showdown between Gon and Hisoka, but the long hiatus and production delays may prolong their wait. Nevertheless, the recent release of new manga chapters offers a glimmer of hope, hinting at the eventual fulfillment of this wish.”

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