Deadmau5 and Walt Disney Resolve Legal Dispute Over Mouse Ears

Deadmau5 had sought to trademark the shape of his stage head for use on other merchandise but Disney claimed it was ‘nearly identical’ to Disney’s Mouse Ears.

Canadian DJ Joel Zimmerman, widely known as Deadmau5, has successfully settled a nearly year-long legal dispute with the Walt Disney Corporation over the trademark of his iconic mouse head stage gear. The controversy began when Deadmau5 sought to register the distinctive shape of his headwear with the US Patent and Trademark Office for potential use on various merchandise, including electronic equipment, entertainment services, and BMX bikes.

In September 2014, Disney officially opposed Deadmau5’s trademark registration, contending that the mouse head’s black ears, black face, white eyes, and white mouth would cause confusion among consumers. Disney argued that Deadmau5’s headgear was “nearly identical in appearance, connotation, and overall commercial impression” to its own iconic mouse ears, thus posing a potential trademark infringement.

Despite the legal opposition, Deadmau5 remained resolute in his pursuit of trademark protection for his distinctive headgear. The dispute took a public turn, with Deadmau5 taking to Twitter to humorously address Disney, suggesting they “lawyer up Mickey.” In one tweet, he highlighted Disney’s alleged belief that consumers might confuse an established electronic musician with a cartoon mouse, expressing his incredulity at what he deemed Disney’s low estimation of public intelligence.

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Fortunately, the conflict has now been amicably resolved, with both parties reaching a settlement. The specific details of the agreement have not been disclosed to the public. However, it is anticipated that as part of the resolution, Disney will withdraw its objections to Deadmau5’s trademark registration. This outcome clears the path for Deadmau5 to proceed with using his iconic mouse head on various merchandise, including BMX bikes, as originally intended.

Deadmau5, seemingly delighted by the resolution, shared his excitement on Twitter with a triumphant “Tadaaa!!!” accompanied by virtual jazz hands, perhaps reminiscent of oversized Mickey Mouse-style gestures.

This settlement marks the end of a legal chapter that saw Deadmau5 defend the uniqueness of his artistic identity against one of the most iconic entertainment corporations globally. The resolution allows Deadmau5 to retain and protect his distinctive brand, ensuring his continued creative expression without the specter of trademark disputes.

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