Update on Unreleased Disney Film Featuring Jonathan Majors Following Guilty Verdict

Update on Release Status of Jonathan Majors’ Sports Drama Film, “Magazine Dreams,” After Recent Legal Troubles

The fate of Jonathan Majors’ involvement in another Disney project, “Magazine Dreams,” is receiving attention following his recent conviction and termination from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

According to an insider report by Matthew Belloni, Disney is not rushing to shelve “Magazine Dreams” despite Majors’ conviction on assault and harassment charges. The possibility of invoking a moral clause, allowing Disney not to fulfill the $2 million minimum payment promised to Searchlight, the film’s distributors, is being discussed. The rights to the movie were acquired by Searchlight, and there are talks about the film potentially finding a place on Hulu or being sold to another streaming platform once a decision is reached.

In “Magazine Dreams,” Majors plays Killian Maddox, an aspiring bodybuilder navigating personal struggles to become a respected figure in the industry. Originally set to debut on Dec. 8, the film lost its release date amid Majors’ legal troubles. It was also pulled from CinemaCon in April following multiple assault and harassment charges against Majors after a domestic dispute with then-girlfriend Grace Jabbari.

Marvel Could Recast or Cut Jonathan Majors' Role in Future Avengers Films:  Report

Majors was convicted of third-degree assault and harassment related to the incident, which occurred in New York on Mar. 25. Despite his denial of the allegations and claims that Jabbari recanted them, Majors faces up to a year in prison, with his sentencing hearing scheduled for Feb. 6.

Marvel swiftly terminated Majors following the guilty verdict, impacting his role as Kang the Conqueror in the MCU. The character was poised to be a significant part of the upcoming Avengers movies. The next Avengers film, originally titled “The Kang Dynasty,” will be retitled after Majors’ removal. It remains uncertain whether Marvel will continue the character’s storyline or recast the role, with several names being speculated by fans.

Majors also faces additional abuse allegations from other accusers, though he has yet to be charged. Accusations of improper on-set behavior have been made, which Majors, known for his immersive method acting, has defended.

Majors’ recent role was as Damian “Diamond Dame” Anderson in “Creed III,” co-starring Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson.

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