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Emma Stone in Cruella

In the year 2021, Disney unleashed its live-action rendition of “Cruella” upon the cinematic landscape, a move that turned out to be a resounding triumph. This modern adaptation, featuring the incomparable Emma Stone in the titular role, garnered not only critical acclaim but also adoration from audiences far and wide, managing to amass an impressive $233 million in box office revenues across the globe. However, the film’s success wasn’t entirely unforeseen, especially for those already familiar with Emma Stone’s acting prowess, as she flawlessly inhabited the character of the enigmatic and notorious villain.

A stark departure from previous iterations, this particular version of “Cruella” took on the guise of a prequel, unraveling the intricate tapestry of Cruella’s origins and the events that culminated in her transformation into the nefarious figure we know so well. At its core, the film sought to uncover the intriguing backstory of why she developed such a fervent fixation on acquiring Dalmatian fur. This fresh perspective added layers to her character, offering a deeper understanding of her motivations.

Unsurprisingly, the astronomical triumph of “Cruella” lit up the eyes of Disney’s top brass with the gleam of future possibilities, culminating in the announcement of a sequel. This news was music to the ears of those who reveled in the 1970s London ambience and Emma Stone’s remarkable performance draped in a plethora of stunning outfits. Yet, what does the future hold for this much-anticipated sequel? To uncover the answers, we must journey deeper.

Emma Stone in Cruella

While a specific release date for “Cruella 2” remains elusive, the greenlight for its creation was swiftly given by Disney’s higher echelons shortly after the first film’s debut. The initial announcement of “Cruella 2” came in June 2021 via The Hollywood Reporter. Despite this, a firm release date is yet to be announced, leaving eager fans in a state of anticipation.

Hints and whispers from those involved in the production, however, do provide some tantalizing insight. The film’s Oscar-nominated makeup artists, Nadia Stacey and Julia Vernon, mentioned their involvement in the ongoing scripting process in a March 2022 Variety interview. Paul Walter Hauser, who portrayed Horace, provided a potential timeline, suggesting that filming might take place the following year, as shared in a July 2022 Forbes interview. It’s worth noting, though, that an apparent actors’ strike could potentially impact the production schedule, thus potentially causing delays.

Moving beyond the anticipated release date, speculation is rife about the plot of “Cruella 2.” The precursor film delved into Cruella’s early days, weaving a tale that led to the delivery of Dalmatians Pongo and Perdita to Roger and Anita. Therefore, it’s conceivable that the sequel might pivot towards revisiting Cruella’s infamous schemes. However, time may jump forward a few years, offering fresh storytelling opportunities.

Emma Stone in Cruella

Nadia Stacey’s hint about potentially moving into the 1980s opens up intriguing prospects for exploring a new era of fashion alongside Cruella’s character development. Such a thematic shift could serve as an electrifying backdrop for Cruella’s next exploits.

Of course, any discussion of the sequel’s intrigue wouldn’t be complete without considering the cast. Emma Stone’s unforgettable portrayal of Cruella remains a linchpin of the franchise. Deadline’s report in August 2021 confirmed her reprisal of the role for the sequel. Additionally, Paul Walter Hauser’s hints about his potential involvement suggest that the character of Horace will also return.

Director Craig Gillespie’s subtle allusions to Emma Thompson’s Baroness indicate that her character might also make a comeback. Although Gillespie was tight-lipped, he seemed to imply her return would be a welcome addition to the sequel.

Maintaining a sense of continuity, director Craig Gillespie and screenwriter Tony McNamara, both instrumental in the success of the first film, are set to reprise their roles for “Cruella 2.” Gillespie’s diverse portfolio, ranging from indie films to thrillers, showcases his versatility as a director. Similarly, McNamara’s expertise in crafting narratives around complex female characters, exemplified by “The Favourite” and “The Great,” bodes well for the sequel’s script.

For those looking to experience the original “Cruella” before the sequel graces the screen, Disney+ offers a convenient viewing option. However, if streaming is more your style, platforms like Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, and Apple iTunes offer the film for rent at $3.99 or for purchase at $19.99. The saga of Cruella de Vil, one of Disney’s most iconic villains, continues to captivate new generations, a testament to her enduring appeal.

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