Controversial Director Rumored for Live-Action Remake of ‘Tangled’

Flynn Rider looking surprised as Pascal leaps in shock off of his shoulder in Tangled

Amid swirling rumors about the potential live-action remake of the 2010 film ‘Tangled,’ sources within the industry indicate that Disney is considering a particular director, known for being polarizing. Alongside ‘The Princess and the Frog,’ ‘Tangled’ marked Disney’s return to fairy tale storytelling. The movie narrates the tale of Rapunzel, a young woman with remarkably long hair trapped in a tower, who embarks on a journey with a charming thief named Flynn Rider to uncover the mystery of floating lights in the sky. Their quest is hindered by the malicious Mother Gothel.

The film’s romantic narrative has garnered a devoted fan base over time. Speculation about Disney’s live-action remake led to heightened excitement, especially with rumors linking Florence Pugh to the role of Rapunzel. However, the enthusiasm waned as reports emerged about a contentious director being favored by Disney.

Disney’s Preferred Director for the ‘Tangled’ Remake Insiders reveal that Disney has a specific director in mind for helming the live-action ‘Tangled’ remake—none other than cinematic visionary Baz Luhrmann.

Rapunzel looking startled on the ground surrounded by her hair while Pascal is bright red in Tangled

Luhrmann, an Academy Award nominee, is renowned for his visually dynamic style, which elicits strong reactions of admiration or criticism. His filmography includes acclaimed works such as ‘Strictly Ballroom,’ ‘Romeo+Juliet,’ ‘Moulin Rouge!,’ and ‘Elvis.’ Yet, some of his projects, like ‘Australia,’ ‘The Great Gatsby,’ and ‘The Get Down,’ have garnered more mixed responses. What’s indisputable is that his movies leave a lasting impression.

While these reports remain unconfirmed, and skepticism exists about Luhrmann’s fit for the project, Disney’s consideration is intriguing. Given the breathtaking animation of ‘Tangled,’ selecting Luhrmann could result in a visually distinct yet stunning remake.

flynn (left) and rapunzel (right) in gondola surrounded by floating lanterns

The idea holds promise. Although Luhrmann’s recent success was a biographical film, he is renowned for his skill in depicting love stories, capturing raw emotion through his distinctive visual approach. This style could seamlessly translate to the world of ‘Tangled’ and the Kingdom of Corona. If Luhrmann could infuse ‘Tangled’ with the same passionate intensity seen in ‘Romeo+Juliet’ and ‘Moulin Rouge!,’ audiences would undoubtedly be in for a remarkable experience.

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