First ‘Tangled’ Ride by Disney in the Works

flynn (left) and rapunzel (right) in gondola surrounded by floating lanterns

Despite its status as a fairly successful film and the subsequent launch of a long-running animated series along with a plethora of related merchandise, “Tangled” has curiously remained relatively absent from the offerings of Disney theme parks. In contrast to the extensive representation enjoyed by other Disney properties, “Tangled” enthusiasts visiting Walt Disney World have been met with just a single manifestation of the franchise – Tangled-themed restrooms. Yes, you read that correctly, even a restroom themed around “Tangled.”

However, it seems that fans of Rapunzel and her adventures are finally in for a treat. The news broke recently that a full-fledged ride and thematic area centered around “Tangled” are in the works. As unveiled by the Disney Parks Blog, a sneak peek into the new Rapunzel-inspired land and attraction, currently in the process of being constructed, has been shared.

The forthcoming attraction is christened “Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival,” while the encompassing area is dubbed “Rapunzel’s Forest.” According to the preliminary details, the heart of this enchanting land will feature a tower, evoking Rapunzel’s abode where she spent her formative years. Here, visitors will be able to partake in an immersive experience that captures the essence of Rapunzel’s “best day ever.” This experience culminates in the romantic boat ride to the much-anticipated annual Lantern Festival, where the blossoming love story between Rapunzel and Flynn Rider takes center stage.

Moreover, to ensure that the thematic immersion is comprehensive, a dining establishment by the name of “The Snuggly Duckling” is also part of the imaginative design. Drawing inspiration from the iconic venue in the film, this restaurant is anticipated to offer guests a variety of atmospheric dining areas, recreating the ambience and spirit of the on-screen establishment.

The reveal, however, comes with a geographical twist. While “Tangled” enthusiasts might have hoped for these exciting developments to unfold at Walt Disney World in Florida or Disneyland in California, the news took an unexpected turn. The plans for this vibrant “Rapunzel’s Forest” are part of the extensive expansion project known as “Fantasy Springs,” set to grace Tokyo DisneySea in Japan.

But that’s not all – the thematic extravaganza doesn’t stop at “Tangled.” Fantasy Springs promises even more magic, including sections dedicated to beloved stories like Peter Pan and the snowy landscapes of Arendelle from “Frozen.” This comprehensive expansion is undoubtedly set to elevate Tokyo DisneySea’s allure to new heights, offering a multifaceted experience for visitors to immerse themselves in various Disney worlds.

While the wait might feel long, with the projected opening of Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea set for spring 2024, the promise of a truly magical Rapunzel-themed attraction complete with a romantic boat ride and captivating surroundings is undeniably exciting. And for fans beyond the borders of Japan, there’s still more to anticipate. Notably, news of another Tangled-themed ride currently in development for Disneyland Paris suggests that Rapunzel’s tale is poised to find its rightful place in Disney theme parks worldwide. So, for those enchanted by the story of “Tangled,” the future is looking brighter than ever before.

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