Disneyland reveals fresh theme for Tarzan’s treehouse

Disney's Adventureland Treehouse

“This article has been archived for historical reference, and it’s important to note that the information contained herein may not be current. To determine the latest update, please refer to the time stamp attached to the story. In an exciting announcement on Tuesday, Disneyland has unveiled its plans to breathe new life into Tarzan’s treehouse by paying homage to its original theming, The Swiss Family Robinson treehouse.

The iconic attraction, now christened as the Adventureland Treehouse, is set to undergo a remarkable transformation with the infusion of fresh elements inspired by various members of the fictional family.

Imaginative additions will span across the ‘mother’s music den,’ providing a serene sanctuary for harmonious creations, the ‘young sons’ nature room,’ designed to awaken curiosity about the natural world, the ‘teenage daughter’s astronomer’s loft,’ a celestial escape for stargazing and introspection, the ‘father’s art studio,’ where creativity knows no bounds, and an ingenious kitchen and dining room, perfectly marrying functionality and inventiveness. A recent press release offered a sneak peek into this imaginative endeavor. Thrill-seekers and Disneyland enthusiasts alike can look forward to experiencing the fully re-imagined attraction in 2023, promising a renewed sense of wonder and adventure.

Originally introduced to visitors in 1962 as the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse, the structure took on a new identity as ‘Tarzan’s Treehouse’ in 1999, aligning with the iconic story of the jungle-dwelling hero. In light of the ongoing pandemic, the treehouse has been temporarily closed for refurbishments, eagerly awaiting its grand re-opening.

Disney's Adventureland Treehouse

Interestingly, before the official announcement, speculations had been circulating within Disney circles regarding the possibility of the treehouse’s transformation into a themed attraction based on the beloved animated film ‘Encanto,’ a rumor that the Disney Food Blog had reported on.

For those eagerly following this exciting development, rest assured that the theme park intends to release more comprehensive details about the updated treehouse in due course. As the Adventureland Treehouse prepares to step into a new era, visitors can anticipate a captivating journey into the heart of creativity, innovation, and the enduring magic of storytelling.”

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