High School Musical Series Unveils Destiny of Troy and Gabriella

Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron

“The final season of HSMTMTS reveals the futures of key characters from the original films, notably Troy and Gabriella, who have a surprising relationship status.

Troy and Gabriella’s bond endures, but they need to work on their relationship. High School Musical: The Musical: The Series has brought clarity to fans by updating them on the lives of the original film’s characters, including Troy and Gabriella, portrayed by Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. The fourth season premiere of the Disney+ show features appearances by several original cast members, such as Corbin Bleu (Chad), Monique Coleman (Taylor), Lucas Grabeel (Ryan), and Kaycee Stroh (Martha).

In a scene, as part of a conversation about a fictional fourth HSM movie within the show’s universe, Corbin offers insight into the current situations of these beloved film characters as adults. “It’s our 15-year high school reunion,” he reveals. “My character Chad is married to Taylor. Martha is a renowned choreographer. Ryan is in a happy partnership.” Lucas even adds that his character is expecting twins.

As for Troy and Gabriella, the favorite Wildcat couple, their life after East High has a twist. Corbin clarifies, “Troy and Gabriella are in couples’ therapy.” In June, it was confirmed that the fourth season of HSMTMTS would be the show’s final. Besides appearances by Corbin, Monique, Lucas, and Kaycee in the season premiere, Bart Johnson (Coach Bolton) and Alyson Reed (Ms. Darbus) also make cameos in this concluding season.

Series creator and executive producer Tim Federle announced on June 21, “After four years at East High, it’s time to graduate. This will be our final, endgame season.” He expressed gratitude to the cast, crew, and fans for embracing the series, looking forward to sharing the grand finale with the audience. Before this final season, the fate of fictional character Ryan Evans was hinted at in a teaser prior to the premiere. In a scene released on July 25, where the actors are portraying their characters, Lucas’ Ryan is seen sharing a kiss with his partner (played by Pentatonix’s Scott Hoying) and expressing his appreciation for his partner’s presence as he prepares to perform alongside his former classmates.

For Kenny Ortega, director of the High School Musical trilogy, this scene fulfills a vision he had always wanted to incorporate. While he had intended for the character to be gay, he wasn’t sure about taking that step when the original film was released in 2006. Ortega shared with Variety in 2020, “I was concerned because it was family and kids, that Disney might not be ready to cross that line and move into that territory yet.” Despite his concerns, his subtle choices allowed audiences to recognize and connect with the character’s identity.”

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