Doctor Light emerges as the overlooked hero in Crisis on Infinite Earths

Crisis on Infinite Earths, penned by Marv Wolfman and illustrated by George Pérez in 1985, stands as a watershed moment in the chronicles of DC Comics. Beyond its function as a narrative epic, this series played a pivotal role in bestowing a sense of unified continuity upon the sprawling expanse of the DC Universe. What sets Crisis apart, however, is its remarkable ability to cater to both seasoned DC enthusiasts and newcomers alike. The narrative, orchestrated by Wolfman and Pérez, offered a seamless blend of compelling drama, cultivating a wide-eyed sense of excitement for those venturing into the DC multiverse for the first time.

Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths – Part One, the inaugural segment of DC’s three-part animated adaptation, now available in digital format, revisits this iconic storyline. Amidst the diverse ensemble of characters introduced during Crisis on Infinite Earths, one often overlooked hero shines brightly—Doctor Light, portrayed by Kimiyo Hoshi. Although Crisis incorporated an exhaustive roster featuring figures like Sgt. Rock, Kamandi, Darkseid, and the Legion of Super-Heroes, it is Doctor Light’s character that merits closer examination.

Doctor Light, operating under the name Kimiyo Hoshi, represents the second individual to assume the mantle, succeeding the original Arthur Light, a Justice League villain from 1962. Unlike her villainous predecessor, Kimiyo evolves into a powerful heroine, eventually joining the Justice League following their 1987 relaunch by Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis, and Kevin Maguire. Although her prominence waned in the years following the Crisis, it is high time to acknowledge and celebrate her contributions.

Kimiyo Hoshi is introduced in Crisis on Infinite Earths #4 as a scientist on Earth-1’s Japan, studying the influx of antimatter into their world. Undeterred by the dire situation, she asserts her colleagues’ cowardice, showcasing her unyielding determination. A sudden blast of light from a star engulfs her, causing her to vanish in a cloud of antimatter. Emerging amidst Earth’s greatest superheroes in a striking new costume, Doctor Light, unfazed, deploys her powers against Starfire and Halo. Katana and Superman intervene, engaging her in Japanese, revealing a linguistic connection.

What makes Doctor Light a compelling character is her role as a new reader insert into the Crisis narrative, yet with a twist. Unlike the bewildered newcomers often portrayed in superhero stories, Kimiyo Hoshi, an accomplished scientist and future UN diplomat, doesn’t shy away from the unfamiliar. Her understanding of the crisis surpasses that of seasoned superheroes, and she is determined to make her voice heard.

In a genre where superheroism is typically depicted as the pinnacle of aspiration, Doctor Light offers a fresh perspective. Her superhero identity is not the result of a fervent desire to save the world but an unintended consequence of her latest scientific pursuit. Almost four decades later, this unconventional perspective remains refreshing and endearing.

The animated adaptation of Crisis on Infinite Earths brings Kimiyo Hoshi to life with Erika Ishii lending her voice to the character. Ishii impeccably captures Kimiyo’s exasperation and attitude, making the character a standout in the film. Just as in the original Crisis comic, Kimiyo Hoshi emerges as a distinctive figure amid the familiar faces of the DC Universe.

As the first part of Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths becomes available digitally, it marks the beginning of Dr. Kimiyo Hoshi’s animated journey. The anticipation for Part Two is fueled by curiosity about her role in the present-day DC Universe and her potential interactions with newer characters. In essence, Doctor Light’s character not only adds depth to the Crisis narrative but also offers a nuanced perspective that continues to resonate with audiences, making her an enduring and valuable addition to the superhero tapestry.

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