Green Lantern Hope Renewed with Fan-Favorite Actor Candidate

The fervor surrounding Sterling K. Brown as a prime candidate to portray John Stewart, the iconic Green Lantern, has reached new heights, rekindling casting aspirations among fans. Brown, well-regarded for his role in ‘This Is Us,’ has become a long-standing fan favorite for the character, and his recent expressions of interest in joining James Gunn’s DC Universe have injected fresh excitement into the speculative discourse. This development coincides with the significant transition underway in the DC entertainment landscape, marked by James Gunn’s stewardship of DC Studios following the formal conclusion of the DCEU with ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.’

In a recent interview with Rotten Tomatoes, Sterling K. Brown shared insights into his longstanding connection with the character of John Stewart. He recounted watching the Justice League animated series religiously during his formative years, particularly in high school and college, and spoke passionately about the profound impact of seeing a black Green Lantern in the character of John Stewart. Brown expressed how this representation resonated with him, shaping a sense of belonging and recognition. Reflecting on his resemblance to the animated character, Brown conveyed genuine enthusiasm for the prospect of playing John Stewart in the DC Universe, emphasizing the potential for such a role to be a transformative and meaningful experience, not just for himself but for audiences, including his children.

The anticipation surrounding Sterling K. Brown’s interest coincides with the ongoing development of James Gunn’s Lanterns TV series, officially announced in January 2023. The series is poised to feature John Stewart as one of the central characters alongside Hal Jordan. Drawing inspiration from the narrative style of ‘True Detective,’ the show promises to explore themes of ancient horror, with the underlying mystery expected to have far-reaching implications across the broader DC Universe. Despite the limited details released thus far about John Stewart’s specific role in the series, ‘Lanterns’ is poised to offer the first proper live-action portrayal of the character, following his near inclusion in Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League.’

The casting process for ‘Lanterns’ remains shrouded in mystery, leaving fans eagerly awaiting official announcements. John Stewart’s popularity, especially stemming from the success of the Justice League animated shows, intensifies the intrigue surrounding the casting decision. As the calendar progresses into 2024, the hope is that DC Studios will unveil the chosen actor to embody John Stewart, providing audiences with a clearer understanding of what lies ahead for this beloved DC superhero in the unfolding narrative of the DC Universe under James Gunn’s creative direction.

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