Dragon Ball could have introduced a new Super Saiyan, but missed the chance

The Dragon Ball franchise has seen a proliferation of new Super Saiyan transformations in recent years, but there haven’t been many new Saiyan characters added to the core group of Z-Fighters. In Dragon Ball Z, the idea of a Saiyan achieving the legendary form of Super Saiyan was introduced early on, and fans didn’t see the transformation in action until Goku unlocked it during his battle with Frieza on Planet Namek. Goku was only able to unlock the transformation when he was pushed to the brink of despair after witnessing Frieza’s cruel murder of his friend Krillin. Since then, other Saiyan characters have been able to unlock the form more easily, with Goten and Trunks achieving it when they were young children, and new Saiyans like DBS’s Cabba and Caulifla being able to do it through focused effort. This has led to the guttural, rage-fueled transformation becoming something that all Saiyans can seemingly achieve.

However, Dragon Ball GT had the opportunity to bring the transformation back to its primal state while also introducing a new Super Saiyan character. In episode 31 of Dragon Ball GT, Pan is the last person on Earth who hasn’t been taken over by the villainous Baby, who has also seemingly killed Goku. Pan’s best friend, a little robot named Gill, has been killed by Baby, adding to her emotional trauma. Despite having the potential to become a Super Saiyan, Pan doesn’t transform, even though the circumstances were similar to those that triggered Goku’s transformation in Dragon Ball Z. Throughout Dragon Ball GT, it’s said that Pan’s power rivals that of modern-day Trunks, who was able to achieve the transformation before the age of ten.

Pan’s traumatic journey in Dragon Ball GT seemed to be leading up to her becoming a Super Saiyan, but the show missed its chance to honor the first Super Saiyan transformation and add a new character to Dragon Ball lore. If Pan had transformed, it would have been a powerful moment and a fitting tribute to the origin of the form.

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