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The top Dragon Ball games ever made

Dragon Ball is a popular Japanese media franchise that has been adapted into various video games over the years. Here are some of the best Dragon Ball games of all time, according to popular opinion: These are just a few examples of the best Dragon Ball games of all time, but there are many other […]

New preview for Dragon Ball Super chapter 92 released

The Dragon Ball Super manga is currently adapting the events of the latest animated film, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. In chapter 92, readers can expect to see the one-on-one battle between Piccolo and Gamma 2, which was a major event in the film. Piccolo received new transformations in the movie, which manga readers may […]

Commemorate Dragon Ball Z with this iconic neon lamp

Dragon Ball is undoubtedly one of the most well-known and beloved anime series in the world. Its popularity has led to a seemingly endless array of merchandise that fans can collect, from figures and plush toys to clothing and accessories. As the anime continues to grow in popularity, more and more merchandise is becoming available, […]

Dragon Ball could have introduced a new Super Saiyan, but missed the chance

The Dragon Ball franchise has seen a proliferation of new Super Saiyan transformations in recent years, but there haven’t been many new Saiyan characters added to the core group of Z-Fighters. In Dragon Ball Z, the idea of a Saiyan achieving the legendary form of Super Saiyan was introduced early on, and fans didn’t see […]

Episode 8 of “Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultra God Mission” has been released

The latest episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes has just been released, and it’s a thrilling addition to the Ultra God Mission. As the new tournament continues, the fights take a surprising turn, leaving viewers with a lot to talk about. With the demon king seeking revenge for the thwarting of his plans for universe […]

Yamcha’s marriage is now a possibility in Dragon Ball

In the Dragon Ball franchise, Yamcha has often been portrayed as the underdog, overshadowed by the strength and power of the Saiyans. However, a recent development in the Super Dragon Ball Heroes series has given Yamcha the opportunity to shine in a new way – through love. Yamcha meets Vidro, a survivor from Planet Glass, […]

Top 10 powerful attacks in Dragon Ball history

Dragon Ball is a popular anime and manga series known for its epic battles and intense fighting scenes. Over the course of the series, there have been many powerful attacks used by the characters. Here are 10 of the most powerful attacks in Dragon Ball history: These are just 10 of the most powerful attacks […]

Goku was smarter than what Dragon Ball fans believe initially

In the early chapters of the popular manga and anime series, Dragon Ball, Goku demonstrated intelligence that many fans may not have attributed to him. While he is known for his incredible fighting abilities and strength, his social and emotional intelligence has often been the subject of jokes and memes among fans. However, in the […]

Vegeta failed to reach the Super Saiyan 4 form

In Dragon Ball GT, Vegeta’s transformation into Super Saiyan 4 is an iconic moment just like Goku’s, but it is clear that he did not earn it through his own hard work and determination. This transformation is arguably the strongest in Dragon Ball history, and Vegeta, who is obsessed with attaining increasingly powerful transformations through […]

Goku represents the future direction of the Dragon Ball franchise

Goku has always been the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball series, and this is unlikely to change, even in the distant future of the franchise. The first chapter of the manga introduced Goku as the lead character, and his incredible strength and willingness to embark on adventures with Bulma demonstrated this. Throughout the series, […]