New preview for Dragon Ball Super chapter 92 released

The Dragon Ball Super manga is currently adapting the events of the latest animated film, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. In chapter 92, readers can expect to see the one-on-one battle between Piccolo and Gamma 2, which was a major event in the film. Piccolo received new transformations in the movie, which manga readers may have to wait a few months to see in print. The preview also hints at the possibility of new moments in the upcoming chapter.

The manga has shown that it’s willing to add new content and further explore the fight against the Red Ribbon Army, which gives fans hope for more exciting developments. While Piccolo has always been a dedicated trainer, he needed an outside source to hit his next level, which he was able to achieve by using the Earth’s dragon balls. It’s uncertain when we’ll see Orange Piccolo return to the screen in either a new film or TV series adaptation.

If the manga continues to follow the latest film’s story, it may be some time before we see a new arc in the printed page. However, the next battle will most likely see Goku and Vegeta taking on Frieza with his new transformation, and it’s anyone’s guess whether or not Gohan Beast and Orange Piccolo will join in the fight.

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