Fans Celebrate Yamcha’s Wedding Proposal

Super Dragon Ball Heroes, while not considered canon, has managed to keep fans on the edge of their seats with its latest entry. Despite the main focus being on Goku and Vegeta’s battles with the demon king, and Future Trunks teaming up with an alternate Future Gohan to take on threats from their past, fans are still talking about the surprising turn of events involving Yamcha’s new love interest, Vidro. In the previous episodes of the series, Vidro was introduced as a new character, and fans have been speculating on the nature of her relationship with Yamcha.

Yamcha, who was first introduced in the original Dragon Ball series, was initially depicted as something of an antagonist, more interested in finding his next score than saving the world. However, he eventually became a more sympathetic character and even joined Goku’s team in later episodes. Many fans believed that Yamcha and Bulma, one of the main characters in the series, would end up together, but ultimately, Bulma ended up with Vegeta, and Yamcha remained single. That is until the latest episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, where Vidro shocked fans by proposing to Yamcha.

While the main Dragon Ball Super series has yet to confirm if it will make a comeback, Super Dragon Ball Heroes is helping to fill the gap for fans. Despite not being considered part of the official canon, the side story continues to provide entertainment for fans. In the latest episode, Yamcha and Vidro team up to defeat Chilled, the ancestor of Frieza who originally fought Bardock. The tag team proved to be a formidable force, and fans are speculating on whether or not they will fuse before the Ultra God Mission ends.

It’s unclear whether Vidro will ever make her way to the main Dragon Ball Super series, but fans are excited about the possibilities. Yamcha’s engagement to Vidro is a major development in his character’s story, and it remains to be seen how this will impact his relationship with Bulma and the other characters in the series. Regardless, Super Dragon Ball Heroes is continuing to surprise and entertain fans with its unique spin on the Dragon Ball universe.

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