Goku represents the future direction of the Dragon Ball franchise

Goku has always been the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball series, and this is unlikely to change, even in the distant future of the franchise. The first chapter of the manga introduced Goku as the lead character, and his incredible strength and willingness to embark on adventures with Bulma demonstrated this. Throughout the series, it is often Goku who saves the day and defeats the villain.

Dragon Ball GT introduced a new child protagonist named Goku, who is actually the descendant of the original Goku. In episode 64 of Dragon Ball GT, which takes place 100 years in the future, Pan watches her great-great-grandson, also named Goku, competing in the World Martial Arts Tournament against the descendant of Vegeta. This new Goku looks and acts like his ancestor, making him a potential replacement for the original Goku in future storylines.

In recent years, the Dragon Ball franchise has successfully shifted its focus away from Goku and Vegeta. The movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero features Gohan and Piccolo as the main characters, with Goku and Vegeta making only brief appearances. This success shows that the franchise can be great without its iconic characters, and their descendants are ready to take on the mantle.

The new Goku Jr. has a storyline that is similar to that of his ancestor, and his relationship with Vegeta’s descendant creates exciting storytelling opportunities. Although Goku Jr.’s story has been explored to some extent in Dragon Ball GT: A Hero’s Legacy, this is not the future of the franchise. However, if events in Dragon Ball Super lead to Dragon Ball GT, Goku Jr. will have the chance to shine and become the future of the franchise. Therefore, Goku continues to represent the future direction of the Dragon Ball franchise, but not in the way that fans might expect.

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