Dragon Ball Super updates power absorption errors

Bandai, the Japanese company behind the Dragon Ball Super Card Game, has recently released the third expansion in the Zenkai Series, titled “Power Absorbed.” This latest set is the twentieth main set in the game, and it features a variety of strong themes, including the debut of the Saiyan Cumber and sections of cards based on the Super 17 Saga, Krillin and Android 18’s family, the Tournament of Power, and the Buu Saga.

In addition to the new cards and themes introduced in this set, Bandai has also made some changes to the gameplay by adding and removing cards from the banned and limited lists. Specifically, three cards have been banned: BT16-020 Son Goku/SSG Son Goku, Crimson Warrior; BT1-005 Furthering Destruction Champa; and TB2-012 Hidden Power, East Supreme Kai. Meanwhile, one card has been added to the limited list: BT13-034 Majin Buu, Assault of the Agents of Destruction. Finally, one card has been removed from the banned list: BT10-140 Secret Identity Masked Saiyan.

In addition to these changes, Bandai has also updated the text on two cards through errata. The Android 21/Android 21, the Nature of Evil card, which was previously preventing players from properly using their skills to play battle cards, has been updated to allow players to play battle cards by skills. Similarly, the Hercule, Expecting the Unexpected card has been updated to allow players to reduce the energy cost of the card in their hand by (Yellow) if their Leader is a yellow card and they have a yellow card in play.

As always, we will be showcasing cards from the latest Dragon Ball Super Card Game expansion, including the cards from “Power Absorbed.” Fans of the game can look forward to more reveals from upcoming products, so stay tuned.

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