Yamcha’s marriage is now a possibility in Dragon Ball

In the Dragon Ball franchise, Yamcha has often been portrayed as the underdog, overshadowed by the strength and power of the Saiyans. However, a recent development in the Super Dragon Ball Heroes series has given Yamcha the opportunity to shine in a new way – through love.

Yamcha meets Vidro, a survivor from Planet Glass, during the Ultra God Mission arc. Although Vidro was initially an enemy, she eventually joins forces with Yamcha to fight against the powerful Chilled. During their intense battle, Vidro confesses her love to Yamcha and proposes marriage once their fight is over.

While Yamcha is initially stunned by the proposal, he eventually accepts Vidro’s love and the two become engaged. Fans of the franchise are excited to see Yamcha finally receive some recognition and a chance at a happy romantic life.

Vidro’s character arc is also interesting, as she initially saw Yamcha as just another obstacle in her quest for power. However, after Yamcha saves her from a dangerous situation, Vidro begins to see him in a new light and falls in love with him.

This development has given Yamcha a chance to redeem himself from being the subject of ridicule in the series, as he is finally recognized and appreciated for his heroic qualities. While his strength may not match that of the Saiyans, Yamcha’s heart and bravery have won him the love of a new character and the support of fans.

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