Fans of Soul Eater long for these 10 villains to be heroes

While villains often bring excitement and tension to stories, there are certain antagonists in the world of Soul Eater who have captured the hearts of fans, leaving them yearning for these characters to be heroes instead. Here are 10 Soul Eater villains that fans genuinely wish could have embraced a heroic path:

  1. Crona: Despite being a central antagonist in the series, Crona’s tragic backstory and struggle with inner demons have resonated deeply with fans. Many wish to see this tormented character find redemption and use their unique abilities for the greater good.
  2. Medusa Gorgon: Medusa’s cunning intellect and mastery of manipulation make her an intriguing character. Fans are drawn to her enigmatic nature and would love to see her utilize her vast knowledge and skills for a righteous cause.
  3. Free: This laid-back and charismatic werewolf possesses a rebellious spirit that fans find appealing. While he may have aligned himself with the forces of evil, fans envision a scenario where Free uses his powers to fight for justice and protect those in need.
  4. Eruka Frog: Eruka’s endearing and comedic personality has made her a fan favorite despite her involvement with the witches’ side. Fans imagine a world where Eruka uses her magical abilities for more benevolent purposes, bringing humor and mischief to the side of good.
  5. Ragnarok: As Crona’s demonic weapon partner, Ragnarok’s snarky and mischievous demeanor has won over fans. With his unique shape-shifting abilities, fans envision Ragnarok fighting alongside the protagonists, using his powers to thwart evil forces.
  6. Arachne Gorgon: Arachne’s allure and formidable power have captivated fans. With her vast knowledge of forbidden arts and her strategic mind, fans imagine her as an anti-heroine, harnessing her skills to bring balance and protect the innocent.
  7. Asura: The embodiment of fear itself, Asura’s complex and enigmatic character has intrigued fans. While his actions have caused chaos and destruction, fans long to see a reformed Asura utilizing his immense power to defend the world from external threats.
  8. Mosquito: Despite his allegiance to the villainous side, Mosquito’s charming and refined demeanor has made him an unlikely fan-favorite. Fans imagine Mosquito using his age-old wisdom and combat skills to guide and protect the heroes, providing a unique perspective.
  9. Maka’s Black Blood: As an intangible antagonist within Maka’s own soul, fans wish to see Maka’s Black Blood develop a sense of self-awareness and align with her in the fight against evil. This would add a fascinating dynamic to the story and showcase the power of redemption.
  10. Giriko: This eccentric and flamboyant chainsaw-wielding villain has left an impression on fans. With his outlandish personality and combat prowess, fans envision Giriko undergoing a change of heart and utilizing his formidable skills to defend the innocent.

While these Soul Eater villains have brought depth and excitement to the series, fans can’t help but imagine alternate storylines where these characters embrace heroism, allowing their unique powers and personalities to shape a brighter future.

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