The Intriguing Fan Theory Linking Fire Force and Soul Eater’s Worlds

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Manga author Atsushi Okubo has left an indelible mark on the anime and manga community with his captivating storytelling and unique art style. His breakout series, “Soul Eater,” which ran from 2004 to 2014, introduced readers to a captivating world inhabited by meisters and their living weapons who fought against the forces of darkness. The series struck a chord with fans, seamlessly blending optimism with darker themes, and quickly gained popularity. By 2019, the manga had sold over 19 million copies (via Square Enix), solidifying its place as a fan favorite.

However, after the conclusion of “Soul Eater” and its spinoff, “Soul Eater Not!” in 2014, Atsushi Okubo embarked on a new project called “Fire Force.” This new series featured pyrokinetic warriors battling against Infernals, victims of spontaneous combustion driven to destructive acts. Like its predecessor, “Fire Force” garnered significant attention and success, receiving its own anime adaptation and selling over 16 million copies. Yet, amidst the excitement for Okubo’s new work, fans couldn’t help but feel a sense of longing for the world of “Soul Eater.”

Enter an intriguing fan theory that has gained traction among the community, offering a potential connection between the worlds of “Fire Force” and “Soul Eater.” Originating from a popular thread on the official “Fire Force” subreddit, this theory has sparked the imagination of fans and could potentially reframe the entire narrative of both series. However, it’s important to note that not all fans are convinced by this theory.

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While the worlds portrayed in “Fire Force” and “Soul Eater” are distinct and differ in many aspects, both share commonalities as fantasy works. Both take place in universes where the impossible becomes possible, and the power of human perception can shape reality. It is this foundation, combined with certain elements established in the “Fire Force” world, that has led some fans to speculate that the two series may be interconnected.

According to the original poster, u/Vahld, “Adolla is a world of madness. Where the laws of physics are turned on their head and ‘[Looney Toons]’ logic reigns supreme. Adolla fusing with the world of Fire Force leads to the world of Soul Eater being born. We keep seeing references to the world of Soul Eater pop up in this world. Some can be passed off as gags or Easter eggs, but others are a bit more ingrained into the story.”

The notion of Adolla, a separate realm from which the fires of Infernals, pyrokinetics, and the cataclysmic Great Cataclysm emerged, adds credence to the theory. Adolla is a mystical world where humanity’s collective consciousness directly influences reality. If, as the theory suggests, Adolla merged with the main reality of “Fire Force,” it could result in a transformed world akin to the setting of “Soul Eater.”

Lord Death from Soul Eater

Initially, this theory faced skepticism when it first emerged two years ago. While acknowledging the shared similarities between the two series, some fans were hesitant to fully embrace the notion of a direct connection. However, recent developments in the “Fire Force” manga have compelled fans to reconsider their doubts and acknowledge the possibility of a link between the two universes.

As u/Unable-Diamond8771 noted in a February 2021 comment, “Aside from the moon, aside from Excalibur calling Arthur a fool, Shinra just went god mode via soul resonance, recreated the world, lessened the value of life AND LITERALLY CREATED SHINIGAMI-SAMA.”

The reference to Shinigami, also known as Lord Death, a prominent character in the “Soul Eater” franchise, strongly suggests a connection. If Shinigami exists within the world of “Fire Force,” it implies that the two series share a common universe. While fans hold differing opinions about the implications of this revelation, it provides hope that the world of “Soul Eater” is not completely forgotten.

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Although the fan theory linking “Fire Force” and “Soul Eater” remains speculative, it serves as a testament to the enduring impact of Atsushi Okubo’s work. The theory ignites excitement and curiosity within the fanbase, generating discussions and speculation about the potential connection between these beloved series. Whether or not the theory ultimately proves true, the idea of a shared universe offers a tantalizing glimpse into the boundless creativity and interconnectedness of Okubo’s storytelling.

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