Fire Force S3: Release Date, Streaming Info, and Other Details

Fire Force Season 3 expected release details (Image via David Productions)

“Fire Force” has been one of the most popular shonen anime and manga series since it premiered in 2019. The series is set in a world where people can spontaneously combust and turn into fiery monsters known as Infernals. The protagonist, Shinra Kusakabe, is a young man with the ability to control and manipulate flames, which makes him an important member of the Fire Force, an organization created to deal with the threat of Infernals.

The anime has been well-received by fans and critics alike, with its unique premise, engaging characters, and stunning animation. The series has completed two seasons so far, and fans have been eagerly awaiting news about the third season.

Finally, on May 16, 2022, it was officially announced that “Fire Force” season 3 was in production. This news was met with great excitement from fans, who had been speculating about the release of the third season for months.

Despite the announcement, the official team behind the series has not provided any further information about the upcoming season. Fans have been scouring the internet for news and updates, but so far, there have been no official announcements about the release date or any other details.

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However, based on the announcement and release dates of the previous two seasons, fans can speculate about the expected release date of “Fire Force” season 3 with a considerable degree of accuracy.

According to some sources, the expected release window for “Fire Force” season 3 is sometime in December 2022, or January 2023. This prediction is based on the fact that the time taken for the series to be aired after the official announcement is about seven or eight months.

Looking back at the announcement and release dates of the previous seasons, the first season was announced in November 2018 and premiered in July 2019, while the second season was announced in December 2019 and premiered in July 2020. Based on this pattern, fans can expect “Fire Force” season 3 to be released sometime in December 2022 or January 2023.

The delay in the official announcement of the third season was most likely due to the fact that David Productions had a busy schedule as they had to work on titles such as “Cells At Work!!” and “Strike Witches: Road To Berlin.”

As for the streaming platform, it is highly likely that “Fire Force” season 3 will stream on Crunchyroll, one of the biggest anime streaming platforms. The first and second seasons were also available on Crunchyroll, and while the series used to be available on Funimation as well, Crunchyroll and Funimation have now merged.

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For those who want to catch up on the manga before the release of “Fire Force” season 3, it’s recommended to start reading from chapter 175 if they have completed both of the earlier seasons. The manga recently completed its run with the publishing of chapter 304, so there is more than enough source material for the third season to utilize. Fans anticipate that a short fourth season could also be in the picture.

In conclusion, “Fire Force” season 3 is one of the most highly-anticipated anime releases of 2022. Fans are eagerly waiting for any news or updates about the upcoming season, and while the official team behind the series has not provided any further information, fans can speculate about the expected release date and streaming platform. With its unique premise, engaging characters, and stunning animation, “Fire Force” season 3 is sure to be another hit with anime fans everywhere.

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