Fire Force’s top-ranked arcs have been identified and ranked

Here’s a list of the best arcs in Fire Force, ranked in order from best to worst:

  1. Asakusa arc – This arc is the best of the series, featuring stunning animation, intense action, and an emotionally charged storyline. It follows the Fire Force’s mission to stop the Evangelist’s followers from carrying out their plans, and includes the iconic battle between Shinra and Sho.
  2. VS. Company 8 arc – This arc follows Company 8 as they clash with rival Company 5 in an epic battle. The arc features some of the series’ best action sequences and introduces some interesting new characters.
  3. Chinese Peninsula arc – This arc takes Company 8 to the Chinese Peninsula to investigate a mysterious factory. It features some great character development for Shinra and also introduces the character of Joker, who becomes an important player in later arcs.
  4. Netherworld arc – This arc follows Company 8 as they descend into the Netherworld to rescue Captain Hague. It features some of the series’ most creative and imaginative visuals, as well as some great character moments.
  5. Ōbi’s Rescue arc – This arc sees the members of Company 8 working together to save their captain, who has been captured by the Evangelist’s forces. It includes some tense action scenes and some interesting revelations about the villains’ plans.
  6. Vulcan’s Workshop arc – This arc introduces the character of Vulcan and explores his backstory, as well as his connection to the Evangelist’s plans. It’s a slower-paced arc, but it features some interesting character development and world-building.
  7. Preacher Pursuit arc – This arc sees Company 8 chasing after a preacher who has been causing trouble in the city. It’s a more lighthearted arc, with some comedic moments and character interactions.

Overall, Fire Force is a great series with a lot of fantastic arcs. Whether you’re looking for intense action, emotional storylines, or great character development, there’s something for everyone in this series.

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Takehisa Hinawa,Akitaru Ōbi,Sōichirō Hague,Giovanni,Takeru noto

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