Here is a list of the top 10 battles from the Sailor Moon franchise.

Sailor Moon may seem like a cute and girlish anime, but it has many incredible battles that showcase the Sailor Scouts’ strengths and determination. The Negaverse villains are disturbing and creative, featuring elements of body horror. Despite the many filler episodes, the classic series has a strong overarching plot with high emotional and physical stakes. Some of the most intense battles.

10. Sailor Saturn Versus Pharaoh 90

Among all the villains in the Sailor Moon series, Pharaoh 90 stands out as the most dangerous threat to the existence of all living beings. As the leader of the Death Busters, Pharaoh 90’s appearance is comparable to a Lovecraftian entity or a black hole. Its ultimate objective is to achieve Silence, which means the annihilation of all life, beginning with Earth.

Even though Sailor Moon is undoubtedly the strongest warrior in the show, Sailor Saturn was specifically chosen to confront Pharaoh 90 using her weapon, the Glaive of Silence, and employ her own destructive powers against the villain. Unfortunately, Sailor Saturn had to sacrifice herself to deliver the final blow to Pharaoh 90.

9. Sailor Starlights Versus Sailor Galaxia

In the final season of the anime series, Sailor Galaxia confronts the Inner Senshi and the Starlights, in a battle where she proves to be the strongest Sailor Senshi in the Milky Way galaxy. She easily defeats all the Senshi, except for Eternal Sailor Moon, Chibi Chibi Moon, and the Starlights.

In a show of bravery, the Starlights step forward to shield Eternal Sailor Moon from Galaxia’s attacks, using all their power to fight against the villain. The Starlights do not have as much screen time as the Inner and Outer Senshi, so it’s a great moment to witness their selfless act of protection for the last hope of the galaxy
8. Sailor Venus Versus Kunzite

unzite is a powerful general serving the Negaverse, and his strength is highlighted when he almost defeats all of the Inner Senshi single-handedly during the first season. When Tuxedo Mask realizes that the Senshi are no match for Kunzite’s might, he offers Kunzite the crystals he had collected in exchange for sparing their lives.

However, Sailor Venus, the newest addition to the Senshi team, intervenes and overrules Tuxedo Mask’s decision. Her timely arrival on the scene provides a much-needed boost to the Senshi, and she introduces herself to them at the same time. Sailor Venus uses her signature move, the Venus Crescent Beam Smash, to attack Kunzite, allowing the Senshi to escape from his clutches.
7. Usagi Versus Kyameran

In the first season of the ’90s anime, the Dark Kingdom arc is known for having a lot of filler episodes, which is why there are so many yoma featured in it. However, these early Negaverse Yoma set the standard for the villains in Sailor Moon. Even the minor antagonists, such as Kyameran, are creatively designed, frightening, and menacing.

Despite having acquired new weapons, when Sailor Moon confronts the yoma-possessed photographer, she is still inexperienced and unprepared for the power of the Negaverse. The yoma is six feet tall, has a cold expression, and wears a costume with severe ’80s fashion lines. It also possesses a unique attack called Negazoom, where an eye appears on the palm of its hand.
6. The Sailor Scouts Versus Black Lady (& Prince Demande)

In Sailor Moon Crystal’s 24th episode, Chibiusa is possessed by the villain Wiseman and transforms into Black Lady, a twisted and corrupted version of herself. Wiseman manipulates her by convincing her that no one loves her, leading her to turn against the Inner Senshi with Prince Demande and his brother Saphir. Black Lady forces Tuxedo Mask to fight against the Senshi, which is devastating as he has been previously controlled by evil forces. However, the battle takes a turn when Prince Demande unexpectedly switches sides.
5. Nephrite Versus Zoisite’s Yoma (The Plant Sisters)

Zoisite orders the Plant Sisters, consisting of three yoma named Grape, Housenka, and Suzuran to capture Naru Osaka. Nephrite, who initially planned to use Naru for the Dark Kingdom’s purposes, surprisingly comes to her rescue. Despite knowing that his actions would make him a traitor to the Negaverse, Nephrite engages in a fierce battle against the Plant Sisters and successfully defeats Grape while saving Naru.

As Nephrite spends more time with Naru, he begins to question his loyalty to Beryl and Metalia. However, the Plant Sisters prove to be formidable adversaries, and Nephrite’s defiance leads to dire consequences.
4. Sailor Moon Versus Naru’s Mother (Morga)

After Luna reveals to Usagi that she is actually Sailor Moon, Usagi hears Naru’s cries for help through her odango hair buns and rushes to save her friend from danger. Naru is being held captive by the first yoma summoned from the Negaverse, Morga, who has taken over her mother’s body at the jewelry store.

Despite the ’90s animation being a bit awkward, the show isn’t afraid to use unsettling body horror. Naru’s face is full of fear as her possessed mother looks at her with a sinister gaze and says, “I’m not your mother, Molly dear” in the English dub. When Sailor Moon arrives to save the day, she is horrified as Morga’s neck turns an impossible 180 degrees to face her in battle.
3. The Sailor Scouts Versus The Xenian Flower

The Promise of the Rose movie in Sailor Moon R takes place after the defeat of Queen Beryl and Metalia, with a relative peace among the Senshi and on Earth. However, things take a turn when Fiore arrives, bringing news of an asteroid heading towards Earth. The first battle takes place in Tokyo, where Fiore, possessed by the Xenian flower, uses his plant powers to disable the Senshi and take Mamoru away, leaving him fatally injured. This battle catches the Senshi off-guard due to the unexpected strength of Fiore’s powers.
2. Evil Tuxedo Mask Versus The Negaverse.

Beryl manages to brainwash Mamoru and he becomes Evil Tuxedo Mask for a brief period. In the “Ice Princess” episode of the ’90s anime, Mamoru resists the Negaverse’s scheme to exploit innocent humans. Despite being under the control of the Negaverse, Tuxedo Mask still possesses some goodness within him that cannot be extinguished.

Mamoru opposes Nephrite’s plan to use two human Olympic figure skaters as bait against the Senshi. Although it may seem like he is using a flimsy excuse to save Sailor Moon despite being “evil,” his actions are driven by both his love for Sailor Moon and his destiny as the Earth Prince.
1. Sailor Moon’s Final Boss Match With Queen Beryl (& Metalia)

In the final showdown with the primary antagonist of the series, Queen Beryl and Metalia, Sailor Moon suffers a tremendous loss. By the time she reaches Beryl, all of her fellow Inner Senshi have been defeated one by one by the Doom and Gloom Girls.

The episode, called “Day of Destiny,” is significant because Sailor Moon must transform into her past self, Princess Serenity, to defeat Metalia. This moment is emotionally charged because Beryl and Metalia were the ones responsible for destroying her life and the lives of her loved ones when she was the princess of the Moon Kingdom.

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