Sailor Moon’s attacks were diverse, as shown by a specific instance.

In this passage, the author discusses how Sailor Moon’s choreographed attacks and transformations are a crucial aspect of the show’s identity, and how a particular episode deviates from the formula. The passage begins by mentioning how the show’s highly choreographed nature is often criticized by some, but goes on to argue that it is an important part of the show’s charm. The author then focuses on episode 5 of season 1, in which Sailor Moon battles the Dark Kingdom’s Iguara. During the fight, Iguara wraps her massive reptilian tail around Sailor Moon’s neck, greatly restricting her movements. In order to defeat Iguara, Sailor Moon has to modify her Moon Tiara Action attack by grasping the disc with her whole hand and quickly thrusting it at the intended target using her one free arm.

The author then notes that not all instances in the show involve adjustments to the choreography, as demonstrated in episode 9 when Sailor Moon’s attack remained unchanged despite her being affected by dark energy. Despite the occasional criticisms of the show’s repeated animations, the author argues that they are a beloved aspect of the show’s identity, comparable to Goku’s Kamehameha in Dragon Ball. The author concludes by stating that while the show’s deviation from its formula in episode 5 may be forgotten by some fans, it only adds to the show’s magic and does not detract from its overall charm.

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