Hunter x Hunter manga on hiatus as Togashi figures out publishing schedule

Hunter x Hunter Manga Back on Hiatus as Yoshihiro Togashi is ‘Trying to Figure Out’ Publishing Schedule

In an announcement made by Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, it was revealed that the highly anticipated manga series Hunter x Hunter, created by Yoshihiro Togashi, will no longer follow a weekly publishing schedule. This news didn’t come as a surprise to the devoted fans of the series, who have become accustomed to the frequent hiatuses. However, the latest break announced for the manga brings some intriguing details. Starting from chapter 401, the series will go on hiatus once again, but this time, it’s not solely due to Togashi’s health concerns.

Yoshihiro Togashi himself confirmed that the upcoming hiatus is necessary to allow him and his expanded team of staff members to find a sustainable way to continue the manga without overwhelming stress. The staff has grown since the manga’s return earlier this year, and as a result, additional rest and better scheduling are required to maintain a healthy working environment. Togashi acknowledged this in a recent comment, stating his intention to “figure out how to keep the manga going without causing too much stress to everyone who helps me out.”

While Togashi’s health has always been a primary concern during the manga’s hiatuses, this time, the well-being of his staff has also become a significant factor. It’s a commendable step taken by Togashi to ensure that the creative process remains sustainable and that everyone involved in the production can maintain a healthy work-life balance. This insight was shared by Togashi in a note published in Weekly Shonen Jump, the magazine where Hunter x Hunter is serialized.

Hunter x Hunter: What to expect as the manga returns

Unfortunately, specific details regarding the duration of the hiatus and the future serialization of the manga have not been disclosed yet. The editorial department of Weekly Shonen Jump addressed this in a letter, stating that they will inform readers about the manga’s return once the situation becomes clear. Fans eagerly await further updates, hoping for a smooth transition back to regular releases.

Hunter x Hunter has enjoyed a long and successful run, captivating audiences with its compelling storyline and complex characters. The series has not only garnered a dedicated manga following but has also expanded its reach with two television anime adaptations, two anime films, and several original video animations (OVAs). After a nearly four-year hiatus, the manga made a triumphant return in October 2022, generating much excitement among fans.

As the creator and his team navigate this hiatus and strive to find a balanced approach, fans remain hopeful that Togashi’s creativity will continue to flourish without compromising his well-being or that of his staff. The passion and support from the fandom will undoubtedly serve as a guiding force, encouraging Togashi and his team to find innovative solutions that allow Hunter x Hunter to thrive in a sustainable manner.

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