Uncertain Future for Hunter x Hunter Manga, Possibly Cancelled

Hunter x Hunter Manga’s Future in Limbo, Likely Cancelled Permanently

The beloved manga series Hunter x Hunter, created by Yoshihiro Togashi, has recently encountered an air of uncertainty as concerning details have emerged on Shonen Jump’s website, leaving fans with a sense of apprehension and concern.

Update: On March 9, Yoshihiro Togashi took to Twitter to announce the completion of the 401st chapter of Hunter x Hunter. However, he did not disclose the chapter’s publishing date. Togashi expressed his satisfaction at being able to work gradually at his desk, though there are still some kinks to be ironed out.

As per recent observations on the Shonen Jump magazine’s website, it appears that the future of the Hunter x Hunter manga is in jeopardy, as it has been relocated to the “serialisation archives” section. This move has sparked speculation among fans and readers, as the manga no longer appears under the “serialised works” section but rather alongside other manga that have either ended, been cancelled, or transferred to different magazines.

Shonen Jump News, an account on Twitter, drew attention to this development, highlighting that Hunter x Hunter was listed as an ongoing, serialised series on the Shonen Jump website until December 2022. However, the absence of an official confirmation from either the author or the magazine regarding the current status of the manga only adds to the uncertainty.

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This disheartening development comes after Hunter x Hunter went on hiatus once again in December 2022, with Togashi citing the need to reevaluate the publishing schedule. Beginning with chapter 401, the manga took a break, with Togashi expressing his desire to find a way to continue the series without causing excessive stress to the individuals supporting his work.

At the time, the editorial department of Weekly Shonen Jump issued a letter stating that news about the manga’s status would be revealed once the situation became clearer. However, fans are apprehensive and fear that an announcement about the manga’s cancellation may be imminent.

It is worth noting that Togashi previously took a three-year hiatus, only resurfacing in September 2022 to announce the completion of work on the next volume. The 37th volume of Hunter x Hunter, titled “Escape,” was released in Japan in November, encompassing chapters 381 to 390. Fans eagerly await the English release by Viz Media, scheduled for October 3, 2023.

In light of the recent developments and the uncertainty surrounding the fate of Hunter x Hunter, fans worldwide are left hoping for a positive resolution and the continuation of this beloved manga series.

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