Illumination Poised to Repeat Super Mario’s Box Office Victory, Outshine Disney Again in 2024

The Super Mario Bros. Movie propelled Illumination past Disney at the box office in 2023, setting the stage for the animation studio’s continued dominance in 2024. With the highly anticipated release of Despicable Me 4, Illumination is poised to outshine Disney once again, following the success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Despite Disney’s longstanding reputation as the animation industry leader, Illumination’s recent track record positions it as a formidable competitor, particularly as Disney’s animated offerings have faced challenges resonating with audiences.

The box office performance of Illumination and Disney’s animated films in 2023 exemplifies this competition. The Super Mario Bros. Movie soared to become the highest-grossing animated film of the year, grossing $1.3 billion, while Disney’s Elemental struggled to break even and Wish failed to match Illumination’s success. Looking ahead to 2024, Illumination’s Despicable Me 4 is expected to dominate the box office, surpassing other animated contenders like DreamWorks’ Kung Fu Panda 4 and Pixar’s Inside Out 2.

Despicable Me 4’s success is almost guaranteed, given its prime summer release date and the franchise’s established track record. With the previous Despicable Me films and Minions spinoffs collectively grossing over $4.6 billion, Despicable Me 4 is poised to surpass $5 billion and potentially reach $6 billion at the box office.

An image of Gru (Steve Carrell) and a Minion driving together in Despicable Me

This continued success would extend Illumination’s three-year streak of outperforming Disney at the box office. Since 2021, Illumination’s films have consistently surpassed Disney’s animated offerings, including Sing 2, Minions: The Rise of Gru, and The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Despicable Me 4 is expected to further widen the gap between Illumination and Disney’s box office performance.

While official box office projections for Despicable Me 4 have yet to emerge, the franchise’s previous entries have all surpassed $900 million worldwide. Given the franchise’s popularity and the current box office landscape, Despicable Me 4 is anticipated to exceed $1 billion in box office revenue, potentially matching or even surpassing the success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

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