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Illumination’s latest family comedy, Migration, is coming soon on 4K, Blu-ray, and DVD

Following its successful digital release in January, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment has unveiled the highly-anticipated release date for Illumination’s latest animated comedy, “Migration,” on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD formats. The film, which captured the hearts of audiences worldwide during its theatrical run, grossing over $256 million globally, is set to make its debut […]

Illumination and Nintendo team up for a new ‘Super Mario Bros.’ movie

Chris Meledandri, the mastermind behind Illumination, and Shigeru Miyamoto, the legendary creator of Nintendo’s iconic characters, have joined forces once again, this time to announce an exciting new venture: the production of another animated film set in the beloved world of Super Mario Bros. The announcement, made via YouTube during the festivities of “Mario Day,” […]

Illumination Poised to Repeat Super Mario’s Box Office Victory, Outshine Disney Again in 2024

The Super Mario Bros. Movie propelled Illumination past Disney at the box office in 2023, setting the stage for the animation studio’s continued dominance in 2024. With the highly anticipated release of Despicable Me 4, Illumination is poised to outshine Disney once again, following the success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Despite Disney’s longstanding […]

Illumination rumored to be proposing a Smash Bros. film to Nintendo

Mario’s anticipated return is stirring the pot once again in the entertainment world… Despite some rumblings that the Marvel Cinematic Universe might be losing its momentum, there’s no denying the monumental success it achieved during its impressive 15-year reign. Throughout its lifespan, the MCU delivered hit after hit, captivating audiences worldwide and solidifying its status […]

Review: Illumination’s new animated film ‘Migration’ faces turbulence

In “Migration,” the latest offering from Illumination, the animation powerhouse behind hits like “Despicable Me” and “The Secret Life of Pets,” audiences are taken on a whirlwind adventure through the eyes of a fuddy-duddy father duck named Mack, his spirited wife Pam, and their two ducklings, Dax and Gwen. Mack, voiced by the talented Kumail […]

Despicable Me 4: All You Need to Know

The Despicable Me franchise is expanding with its fourth installment, and here’s all the latest updates on Despicable Me 4’s release date, cast, and storyline. Despicable Me 4 is set to hit theaters in 2024, offering fans another adventure in Illumination’s beloved supervillain universe. Since its inception with Despicable Me in 2010, the franchise has […]

Nintendo and Universal near deal for Zelda movie

Illumination and Nintendo enjoyed a lucrative partnership this year with the resounding success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Given the triumph of their collaboration, fans have eagerly awaited updates on the future plans that the two entertainment giants might have in store. Both parties had previously hinted at the prospect of exploring more movie […]

Migration: Illumination’s Best, A Charming Adventure

Starring Kumail Nanjiani, Elizabeth Banks, and Danny DeVito, ‘Migration’ marks Illumination Entertainment’s bold departure from franchise-based films. Following the success of the Super Mario Bros. Movie in early 2023, Illumination takes a creative risk with an original animated adventure hitting theaters during the crowded holiday box office season. Directed and co-written by Benjamin Renner, known […]

Migration,’ ‘The Boy And The Heron,’ ‘Wish,’ and ‘Trolls’ Achieve Box Office Milestones

Four animated films achieved significant domestic and global box office milestones this past weekend. However, lingering uncertainties persist regarding the post-Covid box office landscape, especially concerning how success is defined for original animated features that aren’t sequels or based on existing intellectual properties (IPs). Here’s a breakdown of the weekend’s box office highlights: Migration Milestones: […]

Super Smash Bros. Poised as Nintendo’s Movie Universe Avengers

After the immense success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, it was expected that Nintendo would further explore the realm of Hollywood. Nintendo recently confirmed the development of a live-action The Legend of Zelda movie directed by Wes Ball (known for Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes). While details on Nintendo’s next animated project […]