Nintendo and Universal near deal for Zelda movie

Illumination and Nintendo enjoyed a lucrative partnership this year with the resounding success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Given the triumph of their collaboration, fans have eagerly awaited updates on the future plans that the two entertainment giants might have in store. Both parties had previously hinted at the prospect of exploring more movie projects, particularly with other iconic Nintendo intellectual properties.

Recent reports, however, suggest a slight twist in the narrative. It appears that Nintendo is forging a new alliance, this time with Universal Studios instead of Illumination, for their next cinematic venture. The focus of this collaboration is said to be a Legend of Zelda movie, a prospect that has stirred considerable excitement among fans of the beloved gaming franchise.

While specific details about the project remain shrouded in mystery, indications point towards an imminent finalization of a substantial deal between Nintendo and Universal Studios. This potential agreement could mark the beginning of a new chapter in the cinematic adaptation of video game franchises. The anticipation surrounding the Legend of Zelda movie has intensified with the revelation that Universal Studios is positioning itself as a key player in bringing this beloved Nintendo IP to the silver screen.

Zelda Live-Action Movie Announced by Nintendo, Director Wes Ball

The news was further fueled by insights shared on The Hot Mic podcast, where it was reported that Universal is on the verge of securing a ‘big deal’ with Nintendo for The Legend of Zelda. The prospect of Zelda evolving into the next major Illumination-Nintendo franchise has been a subject of speculation and expectation within the industry, and according to recent sources, it seems these expectations are on the brink of materializing.

While the specifics of the deal and the creative direction of the Legend of Zelda movie are yet to be disclosed, the mere confirmation of discussions between Nintendo and Universal Studios hints at a significant development. As fans eagerly await further announcements, the potential emergence of Zelda as a cinematic powerhouse alongside The Super Mario Bros. Movie adds an intriguing layer to the evolving landscape of video game adaptations in the film industry. The collaboration between Nintendo and Universal Studios may well signify a promising evolution in the realm of cinematic storytelling within the gaming universe.

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