Migration: Illumination’s Best, A Charming Adventure

Starring Kumail Nanjiani, Elizabeth Banks, and Danny DeVito, ‘Migration’ marks Illumination Entertainment’s bold departure from franchise-based films. Following the success of the Super Mario Bros. Movie in early 2023, Illumination takes a creative risk with an original animated adventure hitting theaters during the crowded holiday box office season.

Directed and co-written by Benjamin Renner, known for his work on ‘Ernest & Celestine,’ and penned by Mike White, the writer of ‘School of Rock’ and creator of ‘The White Lotus,’ ‘Migration’ surprises with a strange sense of humor and passionate character dynamics. The film follows a family of ducks led by Mack (Nanjiani) and Pam (Banks), who decide to embark on a journey from their woodland pond to Jamaica after encountering a migrating flock.

Despite the initial impression from trailers, ‘Migration’ is not just about country birds in the big city. The story unfolds as a family road trip, encountering quirky characters and navigating unexpected challenges, such as an angry chef. The animation stands out, offering gorgeous woodland scenes and expressive bird characters, a departure from Illumination’s usual style.


‘Migration’ breaks away from Illumination’s typical formula, providing a refreshing cinematic experience. While not reinventing the wheel, the film borrows the right elements from animated classics like ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘Ratatouille,’ delivering a charming and heartfelt narrative. Mike White’s experience in dark comedy and family dynamics, showcased in ‘The White Lotus,’ brings a unique touch to animated family entertainment.

Despite its dark and wacky comedic elements, ‘Migration’ keeps its focus on the core family dynamics, exploring the anxieties of parenting while maintaining a grounded narrative. The film succeeds in appealing to both children and parents, making it one of Illumination’s best films to date. With its sweetness, humor, and awareness of its destination, ‘Migration’ sets a high standard for future Illumination projects, showcasing a delightful and unexpected journey with the Mallard family.

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