Inuyasha Filler Episodes: Complete Filler List for Inuyasha

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  1. Episode 6: “Tetsusaiga, the Phantom Sword” – In this filler episode, Inuyasha and his friends encounter a swordsmith who claims to have created a sword stronger than Tessaiga.
  2. Episode 15: “Return of the Tragic Priestess, Kikyo” – Kikyo, the priestess who shares a complicated past with Inuyasha, makes a return in this filler episode, leading to emotional confrontations and revelations.
  3. Episode 18: “Naraku and Sesshomaru Join Forces” – In this filler episode, Naraku manipulates Sesshomaru into working together temporarily, causing unexpected alliances and intense battles.
  4. Episode 25: “Naraku’s Insidious Plot” – Naraku devises a cunning plan to weaken Inuyasha and his companions by exploiting their fears and vulnerabilities, leading to a high-stakes showdown.
  5. Episode 33: “The Female Wolf-Demon and the Lunar Rainbow Promise” – In this filler episode, Inuyasha encounters a female wolf-demon named Koga and gets involved in a dispute over a mystical lunar rainbow.
  6. Episode 45: “The Beautiful Sister Apprentices” – In this lighthearted filler episode, Kagome and Sango stumble upon two sisters who are training to become exorcists, resulting in comedic situations and unexpected challenges.
  7. Episode 55: “The Stone Flower and Shippo’s First Love” – Shippo, the mischievous fox demon, finds himself falling in love with a stone statue brought to life, leading to a heartwarming yet bittersweet tale.
  8. Episode 75: “The Plot of the Panther Devas” – Inuyasha and his friends encounter a group of panther demons known as the Panther Devas, who plot to steal the powers of Kagome and Kikyo.
  9. Episode 87: “The Secret of the Pure Light” – In this filler episode, Kagome discovers a secret passage that leads to a hidden realm, where she encounters mysterious creatures and unravels the truth about a sacred light.
  10. Episode 105: “The Mystery of the New Moon and the Black-haired Inuyasha” – In this episode, a strange phenomenon occurs during the new moon, resulting in a temporary transformation that affects Inuyasha’s appearance and powers.
  11. Episode 127: “The Woman Who Loved Sesshomaru, Part 1” – A woman named Sara is infatuated with Sesshomaru and seeks to win his affection, leading to a complicated situation and unexpected revelations.
  12. Episode 135: “The Last Banquet of Miroku’s Master” – Miroku attends a banquet held by his late master’s former disciples, where he must confront his own past and make difficult choices.
  13. Episode 147: “The Tragic Love Song of Destiny, Part 1” – In this two-part filler episode, Inuyasha and his friends get caught up in a tragic love story involving a cursed flute and the spirits of a noblewoman and a musician.
  14. Episode 161: “The Lucky but Two-Timing Scoundrel!” – In this comedic filler episode, a mischievous monk named Miroku faces the consequences of his flirtatious behavior when his actions catch up with him.
  15. Episode 167: “The Bond Between Them, Use the Sacred Jewel Shard! Part 1” – This two-part filler episode focuses on the bond between Inuyasha and Kagome as they navigate a challenging situation involving the Sacred Jewel and its power.

These are just a few examples of the filler episodes in the Inuyasha series. While these episodes do not contribute directly to the main storyline, they provide additional character development, lighter moments, and standalone adventures for the viewers to enjoy.

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