Where are Sango and Kohaku in ‘Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon’ sequel?

Sango and Kohaku in Inuyasha.

In the sequel to Inuyasha, Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, familiar characters face challenging circumstances. Inuyasha and Kagome are trapped in a supernatural black pearl, separated from their daughter Moroha, while Sesshomaru cares for his comatose wife Rin within The Tree of Ages. Given the misfortunes befalling these characters, fans wonder about the fate of other beloved figures, including demon-slaying siblings Sango and Kohaku.

After enduring hardships in Inuyasha, it would be disheartening if Sango and Kohaku faced similar struggles in Yashahime. Kohaku, in particular, suffered as a mind-controlled puppet under the villain Naraku, yearning for some peace and happiness. So, what happens to Sango and Kohaku in Yashahime, and is their luck any different this time?

Sango’s whereabouts are revealed early on in Yashahime. She is married to Miroku and has three children: twin daughters Kin’u and Gyokuto, followed by her son Hisui. As a stay-at-home mom, Sango no longer actively hunts and slays demons since Miroku is busy with his intensive training for enlightenment and divine power. She resides in her childhood village of Yokai Taijiya, where she cares for their children while awaiting her husband’s return. However, Sango shows her unwavering dedication to protect her family and friends when danger arises, willingly taking up her demon-slayer role.

Sango as an adult.

In her everyday life, Sango balances her responsibilities as a supernatural weapon-forger with her duties as a primary caregiver. She has passed her trusty boomerang, Hiraikotsu, to Hisui and now wields Black Hiraikotsu, a spiritually enhanced version of her original weapon, when necessary.

As for Kohaku, he has chosen a different path in Yashahime. He serves as a full-time demon slayer and mentor to demon-slayer apprentices. His nose bears a permanent scar from an encounter with a preying-mantis demon, but he is otherwise thriving in his role as the leader of The Yokai Taijiya. Protecting innocent lives and teaching new demon slayers, including his nephew Hisui, brings him fulfillment. Kohaku’s new life in Yashahime marks a welcome departure from his tragic past under Naraku’s control in Inuyasha.

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