Kakegurui Twin Season 1 has 6 episodes

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Season 1 of Netflix’s Kakegurui Twin, the prequel spin-off anime to the main Kakegurui series, consists of a total of six episodes. The season premiered on Thursday, August 4th, at 12 AM PST, exclusively on the Netflix streaming platform.

In this thrilling series, high-stakes gambling takes center stage, offering a unique and intense narrative. Kakegurui Twin delves into the origins of the Hyakkou Private Academy, a school notorious for its addiction to gambling. Set one year before the arrival of Yumeko Jabami, the protagonist of the main series, Kakegurui Twin follows the story of Mary Saotome, a normal girl who embarks on her own journey within the gambling-addicted school. With wit and luck as her allies, Mary strives to achieve her own rags-to-riches story in this high-stakes environment.

While some fans may have expressed disappointment regarding the episode count for Kakegurui Twin Season 1, as both seasons of the main series consisted of 12 episodes each, the compact nature of the season still offers an engaging experience for viewers.

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For fans who wish to explore the original source material, the Kakegurui Twin manga series is available for reading. The manga, serialized in Gangan Joker since September 21st, 2015, has seen the release of 12 complete Tankobon volumes in Japan as of August 2022. However, the English release is slightly behind, with only 10 volumes currently available for international audiences.

Fortunately, fans can look forward to the upcoming release of Kakegurui Twin Volume 11, scheduled for August 23rd, 2022, followed by Volume 12 on December 13th. These releases will contribute to expanding the availability of the spin-off manga in English.

Kakegurui: Twin - Episode 1 - Anime Feminist

To access the manga, physical copies can be purchased from various retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Indigo, and RightStuf. Additionally, digital versions of the manga are available on platforms including Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Book Walker, iBooks, and Kobo, offering fans the convenience of reading the series on their preferred devices.

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