Kakegurui Twin (2022) Season 1: Sinister and thrilling anime

Kakegurui Twin review: A great psychological anime worth seeing

Delve into the mesmerizing world of Kakegurui Twin (2022) Season 1, an enthralling Netflix anime series that will captivate fans without spoiling any surprises. Set foot into the eccentric and absurd universe of this spin-off and prequel to Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler, where manga aficionados will feel right at home. The series immediately grabs your attention with its wonderfully quirky and outlandish premise, presenting a unique and enticing experience.

At the heart of the story lies the enigmatic Hyakkaou Private Academy, a prestigious institution governed by a student-driven gambling system, igniting a fierce ranking system among the students. Prepare to enter a world where gambling reigns supreme and where our intelligent protagonist, Mary Saotome (voiced by Minami Tanaka), embarks on a journey to rise to the top, armed with wit, determination, and a hint of innocence.

While the premise may initially seem light-hearted and appealing, the world of Kakegurui Twin reveals a sinister underbelly and a sense of imminent danger. The Hyakkaou Private Academy exudes an air of elitism, reminiscent of sororities and fraternities, as the characters form alliances based on hidden gambling dens and financial ties. Those burdened by debt are labeled as “mittens” and find themselves reduced to subservient pets within the student society until they can repay their obligations. Escaping the clutches of the “mittens” status through gambling becomes an arduous task, nearly impossible to achieve.

Kakegurui Twin, Vol. 12 (Kakegurui Twin, 12): Kawamoto, Homura, Saiki, Kei:  9781975349622: Amazon.com: Books

Kakegurui Twin skillfully explores the concept of power-hungry individuals desperate to secure their positions within this unforgiving setting. Mary Saotome forms an unexpected bond with Tsuzura Hanatemari (voiced by Rina Honnizumi), a fellow “mitten” yearning to shed her subordinate status. Together, they embark on a mission that encompasses their ambitions, with Mary striving to become the gambling system’s leader, while Tsuzura seeks liberation from the constraints of the “mittens.”

The Netflix anime series offers a diverse blend of art styles and pacing, guiding viewers through the chaotic and intense academy, fueled by power struggles and a pervasive atmosphere of dishonesty. In this gambling-centric world, cheating is not only permitted but even encouraged, challenging opponents to unravel the deceptions. Intertwined with themes of sexual threat and a dystopian way of life, Kakegurui Twin firmly establishes itself as an anime series worthy of attention, particularly if there are plans to expand upon the story in future seasons.

jabami yumeko, saotome mary, momobami ririka, juraku sachiko, and  hanatemari tsuzura (kakegurui and 1 more) drawn by kuuky | Danbooru

While it remains to be seen if Kakegurui Twin adheres closely to the original manga canon, I must confess that my exploration of the source material has been limited. Nevertheless, after immersing myself in the six chapters of this anime adaptation, I can confidently say that there is something truly memorable about this tale. The characters exhibit remarkable chemistry, and the adversaries are masterfully portrayed, ensuring an engaging viewing experience.

It has been quite some time since an anime series has managed to capture my undivided attention. Whether it be the sensationalist storytelling style or the murky and captivating world it presents, Kakegurui Twin is undeniably worth adding to your Netflix queue. Let us eagerly await the potential continuation of this series, hoping that it surpasses the heights achieved in its remarkable first season.

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