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Perplexing Detail Leaves Kakegurui Fans Puzzled

“Kakegurui” takes viewers into the extraordinary world of Hyakkaou Private Academy, a school unlike any other. In this prestigious institution, academic success takes a backseat to the pursuit of wealth, power, and status through high-stakes gambling. As fans immerse themselves in the captivating narratives and intense gambling battles, one detail about the school’s functioning—or rather, […]

Ranking the top 10 captivating Kakegurui characters

Ranking 10 Kakegurui Characters Based on How Interesting They Are: Yumeko Jabami: Yumeko takes the top spot as the most captivating character in Kakegurui. Her unyielding passion for gambling and unpredictable nature make her incredibly intriguing. Yumeko’s strategic brilliance, combined with her love for high-stakes risks, keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Kirari […]

Top 12 Studio MAPPA Anime Ranked on IMDb

Here’s a list of the 12 best Studio MAPPA anime ranked by IMDb: “Yuri!!! on Ice” (IMDb rating: X.X) – A captivating sports anime centered around figure skating, showcasing stunning animation and a heartwarming story. “Dorohedoro” (IMDb rating: X.X) – A dark and surreal anime set in a post-apocalyptic world, blending elements of fantasy and […]

English Dub Season Review: Kakegurui Twin Season 1 Part 1

“Kakegurui Twin Season 1 Part 1” is a captivating anime series that serves as both a spin-off and a prequel to the original “Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler” series. Based on the Japanese Manga series written by Homura Kawamoto and illustrated by Kei Saiki, it delves into the story of Mary Saotome, a transfer student who […]

Kakegurui Twin (2022) Season 1: Sinister and thrilling anime

Delve into the mesmerizing world of Kakegurui Twin (2022) Season 1, an enthralling Netflix anime series that will captivate fans without spoiling any surprises. Set foot into the eccentric and absurd universe of this spin-off and prequel to Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler, where manga aficionados will feel right at home. The series immediately grabs your […]