Kakegurui Twin Unveils Netflix Release Date Through Trailer and Poster

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Netflix has exciting news for fans of Kakegurui! The popular anime series is getting a spin-off called Kakegurui Twin, and the streaming giant has just announced the release date for this highly anticipated anime, along with a captivating trailer and eye-catching poster. When Netflix first entered the realm of licensing and producing anime, one of its earliest major acquisitions was the anime adaptation of Homura Kawamoto and Toru Naomura’s Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler manga series. The anime quickly became a sensation, leading to two seasons, a live-action TV series, and various spin-offs. Now, fans can look forward to a fresh addition to the Kakegurui universe, arriving on Netflix this summer.

The announcement of Kakegurui Twin was made last fall, and now Netflix has treated fans to the first official trailer and poster for the upcoming anime series. This spin-off takes place a year before the main series, focusing on the character Mary Saotome as she navigates the world of gambling in this new school. Netflix has confirmed that the series will be available for streaming worldwide starting from August 4th. You can catch a glimpse of the action-packed trailer and captivating poster, building anticipation for the debut of Kakegurui Twin’s anime.

KAKEGURUI TWIN | Official Trailer | Netflix Anime - YouTube

While it hasn’t been revealed whether the spin-off will be released weekly or in a full season drop, it is safe to assume that viewers will have access to the entire run of the series once it premieres on Netflix this summer. If you can’t wait to delve into the new anime and want to get a taste of the story beforehand, Yen Press has licensed the Kakegurui Twin manga for an English language release. The description from Yen Press invites readers to witness Mary Saotome’s journey before Yumeko Jabami’s arrival at Hyakkou Private Academy: “A year before Yumeko Jabami graced the hallowed halls of Hyakkou Private Academy, Mary Saotome got her own start at the gambling-addicted school. Can this normal girl achieve her own rags-to-riches story through wits and luck? Find out in this prequel to the mega-popular Kakegurui!”

With the release date announcement and the tantalizing trailer, fans of Kakegurui and newcomers to the series alike can’t help but feel the excitement building as they await the arrival of Kakegurui Twin on Netflix. Get ready for another thrilling journey into the world of high-stakes gambling, as Mary Saotome’s tale unfolds in this highly anticipated spin-off anime.

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