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Kakegurui: Is Season 3 on the Horizon?

The anime series Kakegurui has established a franchise known for its thrilling and high-stakes storytelling. However, the biggest question remains: will there ever be a Season 3? This successful franchise delves into the psychology of gambling and gaming, starting with the unexpected popularity of the manga. The well-known studio MAPPA adapted it into a two-season […]

Kakegurui Collector’s Edition: A Brief Review

Originally making its debut on Netflix in 2018, the release of the Kakegurui Collector’s Edition has been highly anticipated by fans of the bonkers high school gambling show. This unique series, which my fellow reviewer Darkstorm rated highly at the time, offers a thrilling and stylish anime adventure that is sure to leave a lasting […]

Kakegurui Twin Unveils Netflix Release Date Through Trailer and Poster

Netflix has exciting news for fans of Kakegurui! The popular anime series is getting a spin-off called Kakegurui Twin, and the streaming giant has just announced the release date for this highly anticipated anime, along with a captivating trailer and eye-catching poster. When Netflix first entered the realm of licensing and producing anime, one of […]

8 Anime Characters with Striking Resemblance to Characters from Other Series

Here’s a list of 8 anime characters who bear a striking resemblance to characters from different series: Kirari Momobami (Kakegurui) and Yumeko Jabami (Kakegurui): Both characters from the same series, Kirari Momobami and Yumeko Jabami have a similar appearance, with their long, flowing hair and captivating expressions. They share a mysterious aura and a love […]

Kakegurui Twin Review: Nonsense is Entertaining

The highly popular Netflix anime series, Kakegurui, has received a spin-off titled Kakegurui Twin, which focuses on the story of Mary Saotome, a series regular and cunning gambler. In this review, we delve into the origins of Mary and explore the highlights of this new installment. Kakegurui Twin Overview: Kakegurui Twin serves as a spin-off […]

“Kakegurui” Season 3: What you should know

Fans of Kakegurui, also known as Compulsive Gambler, have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Season 3, hoping for more of the exhilarating and visually stunning anime that has captivated audiences worldwide. Netflix has been the streaming platform that introduced many viewers to the series, and its addition to Netflix’s anime roster has been met […]