Master the Weapon Arts in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet with this guide

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Weapon Arts Guide

“Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Weapon Arts Guide provides an overview of all the Weapon Arts available in the game. Discover the unique abilities and effects of each Weapon Art for different weapons.

Weapon Arts play a crucial role in adding depth to Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet’s gameplay. These special attacks require charging and offer distinct benefits. With various Weapon Arts to learn, mastering them can be a challenge.

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Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Weapon Arts You can acquire Weapon Arts from Argo. Think of Weapon Arts as special moves or super attacks. Each weapon has a dedicated meter for its Weapon Art, which charges as you use that weapon. Once the meter is full, your weapon icon will glow.

The glowing weapon icon indicates that you can unleash your Weapon Art by pressing R1 and L1 simultaneously. Activating the Weapon Art allows you to reap its rewards. However, it’s essential to understand the effects of each Weapon Art. Let’s explore the details of each Weapon Art in the game.

List of Weapon Arts The Handgun Weapon Art reduces weapon reload time and speeds up the recharge of skills and gadgets. The Shotgun Weapon Art focuses on dealing damage. It launches a flaming shot that explodes on impact. The Assault Rifle Weapon Art allows you to fire flaming bullets for a limited duration. The Sun-Machine Gun Weapon Art unleashes a spiral of bullets around you, inflicting Area of Effect damage to nearby enemies. The Sniper Rifle Weapon Art fires an incredibly powerful bullet with high penetration, ideal for hitting multiple enemies or targeting high-value foes through walls. The Launcher Weapon Art launches a bomb that releases multiple mini grenades upon impact, creating a small explosion in the area. The Gattling Gun Weapon Art generates a shockwave that damages surrounding enemies when you strike the ground with your gun. The Sword Weapon Art enables a lengthy Skill Connect combo, offering a powerful melee attack. Combining a Sword with a Gun also yields a similar combo.

With this guide, you’ll gain valuable insights into the different Weapon Arts and their strategic uses in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet.”

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