Ranking the most powerful attacks of Sword Art Online’s protagonist, Kirito

Here is a list of Kirito’s strongest attacks in Sword Art Online, ranked based on their power and impact:

  1. Starburst Stream: Kirito’s signature move, known for its incredible speed and devastating strikes. It involves a rapid series of sword slashes with unmatched precision, making it his most formidable attack.
  2. Mother’s Rosario: Inspired by the title of the arc, this attack showcases Kirito’s skill and determination. It delivers a powerful, focused strike that can penetrate even the most formidable defenses, leaving his enemies stunned.
  3. Vorpal Strike: This attack demonstrates Kirito’s agility and quick reflexes. With a swift and precise movement, he strikes with immense force, overwhelming opponents with its speed and precision.
  4. The Eclipse: A wide-range attack that allows Kirito to unleash a flurry of strikes, effectively cutting down multiple enemies in a single motion. It showcases his versatility in handling multiple opponents simultaneously.
  5. Dual Blades: While not a specific attack, Kirito’s ability to dual-wield swords deserves a mention. With unmatched dexterity and coordination, he can seamlessly switch between two swords, executing lightning-fast attacks with deadly accuracy.
  6. Sonic Leap: An acrobatic move that combines a powerful jump with a swift sword strike. Kirito utilizes his agility to gain the high ground advantage, striking down opponents with precision and overwhelming force.
  7. Horizontal Square: A wide, sweeping slash that cuts through enemies in a horizontal arc. This attack covers a broad area, making it effective for crowd control and dealing with groups of enemies.
  8. Star Splash: Kirito’s aerial assault technique, allowing him to unleash a series of sword strikes while airborne. This attack showcases his mastery of swordplay even in mid-air, catching opponents off-guard and leaving them defenseless.
  9. Photon Sword: Kirito charges his sword with photon energy, enhancing its cutting power. This attack delivers a devastating blow that can pierce through tough defenses and inflict heavy damage.
  10. Dual Blade Combo: A combination of swift strikes and fluid movements, Kirito’s dual-wielding style shines through in this attack. He seamlessly blends attacks from both swords, overwhelming opponents with a relentless assault.

These are just a few examples of Kirito’s strongest attacks, highlighting his exceptional swordsmanship and strategic prowess. Each move showcases his growth as a player and his determination to overcome any challenge that stands in his way.

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