Piccolo fulfills his original title from Dragon Ball in GT

Piccolo’s original name in Dragon Ball, King Piccolo or Demon King, was a perfect representation of his initial evil nature. He was a despicable villain who sought world domination and instilled fear in all who knew of him. King Piccolo was considered to be a literal demon by many, including those who feared him. Long ago, the Nameless Namekian came to Earth and became the planet’s benevolent god, Kami, after ridding himself of every ounce of evil within him. However, the evil he expelled gained sentience and became King Piccolo, leading many to believe that King Piccolo was his perfect opposite, the Devil or a demon.

As the Dragon Ball series progressed, it became clear that Piccolo was not a demon. He was a Namekian, a race of aliens with extraordinary abilities. Despite this, he still struggled to break free from the legacy of his past as a villain. However, in Dragon Ball GT, Piccolo finally lived up to his original title.

In episode 45 of Dragon Ball GT, Goku and Piccolo were trapped in hell after a portal opened through which hordes of the Z-Fighters’ older villains were traveling to Earth. Piccolo, who was already dead at the time, intentionally went to hell to help Goku return to the realm of the living. He utilized a Dragon Ball technique that fused realities, allowing Goku to go back to Earth and stop Android 17. Unfortunately, Piccolo was not able to fly through the portal himself, and his trip from heaven to hell was permanent, meaning he had sacrificed his eternal soul to help Goku and save the planet.

Despite this, Piccolo remained determined to be of some use while in hell. In the Dragon Ball universe, hell, like every other facet of the afterlife, was run by bureaucrats who had power levels and limits. The villains who were sent to hell could train while there, become stronger than the entities keeping them there, and cause chaos and disorder. Piccolo decided to train while in hell and help the demons there keep everyone in line. In no time, he had become the strongest fighter in hell, surpassing even the demons. This effectively made him the king of hell, fulfilling his original title from Dragon Ball.

With his new eternal position within the wider Dragon Ball universe, Piccolo finally broke free from the legacy of his past and fully lived up to his original title in Dragon Ball GT.

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