Anime cosplayer shares awkward encounter with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure enthusiast

The JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fandom generally has a good reputation, with the series being widely liked and appreciated by most anime fans. However, like many fandoms, it is not without its outliers who can ruin the reputations of others. Unfortunately, it seems that one cosplayer had an unfortunate run-in with such an outlier of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fandom, and the resulting situation has caused a whirlwind of debate, controversy, and opposing viewpoints in the general anime and manga community.

The cosplayer, dressed as Power from Chainsaw Man, shared a story about an encounter they had with a JoJo’s fan while working at McDonald’s. As the cosplayer was ending their shift, the fan approached them after noticing their JoJo-themed backpack. The cosplayer, being a fan of the series themselves, thought this would lead to a normal conversation about their shared interest. However, things quickly took a turn for the worse when the fan began doing the Dio pose and riffing on the “but it was I, Dio” meme in the middle of the crowded restaurant.

The cosplayer was left feeling embarrassed by the fan’s behavior and shared their story on social media. The video of the story prompted a wave of reactions from anime fans, with some defending the fan’s behavior and others condemning it. The original poster, Twitter user @King_Sukunaaa (King Sukuna), even threw shade at the cosplayer for judging the fan, suggesting that they should not be embarrassed about dressing up as an anime character in public.

However, many users disagreed with King Sukuna’s interpretation and comments, blaming the JoJo’s fan for behaving in such a manner in public. This interaction serves as a perfect example of why some JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fans are so heavily disliked by their own fandom and the general anime community. While most fans of the series are sensible and well-adjusted individuals who do not make their entire lives about it, some take their love for the series too far, creating uncomfortable and awkward, but most importantly avoidable, situations such as this one. The resulting debate and controversy serve as a reminder that, while fandoms can bring people together and create a sense of community, they can also lead to negative experiences and behavior if not handled appropriately.

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