Possible remake of Soul Eater anime hinted with new visual

Soul Eater anime (Image via BONES Studio)

Over 14 years have passed since the final episode of the Soul Eater anime was aired, leaving fans yearning for more. Studio Bones’ production of the anime series was a hit when it was released in April 2008, but it was disappointingly short-lived. The approaching 15th anniversary of the Soul Eater anime, however, is giving fans something to look forward to.

A new key graphic has been released, which has generated speculation among fans about the possibility of an anime remake. The anime’s 51 episodes during its original run mostly followed the manga, but it was forced to diverge from the original source after episode 35. This left many fans unsatisfied with the anime’s conclusion. Fans have been hoping for a remake that will stick more closely to the original manga series.

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In response to this anticipation, Anime News and Facts recently released a new key visual for the Soul Eater anime, along with the announcement of a special program and new merchandise reveal on April 7, 2023, marking the 15th anniversary of the anime. Fans have taken this as a possible indication of an upcoming remake.

The manga series of Soul Eater was one of the most popular of its time, with a dedicated fanbase that was eager for more content. However, despite numerous petitions from fans, Studio Bones had not announced any plans for a remake. The recent announcement of the new key visual has generated excitement among fans that a remake may finally be in the works.

A Still from Soul Eater anime (Image via BONES Studio)

Although nothing has been confirmed yet, fans are eagerly awaiting official announcements from Studio Bones about the new projects that will be revealed on the official website. Whether a remake of the Soul Eater anime will be one of them remains to be seen, but fans remain hopeful that their long-awaited dream will come true.

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