Soul Eater references classic American horror series

Soul Eater is an anime series that has built a strong following among fans of horror and the supernatural. One of the things that sets it apart from other anime in this genre is its original portrayals of classic horror tropes. The series is known for its many references to horror iconography, from Lovecraftian monsters to vampires and zombies.

However, one reference in particular stands out as a brilliant homage to a classic horror masterpiece: Twin Peaks. The American television series is known for its surreal and often terrifying portrayal of small-town life, as well as its exploration of supernatural phenomena. Soul Eater’s homage to Twin Peaks comes in the form of a little red ogre and his dimly lit room, which serve as clear references to the series’ iconic “Red Room.”

In Soul Eater, the Black Room serves as a place of dangerous power for the protagonists, while the Little Ogre is the unpredictable host of the power that threatens their lives. Over time, both Soul and Maka realize that Soul can access this room and the power of the Black Blood at will, but that it will plunge them into madness that could destroy both their souls.

The Red Room in Twin Peaks is a similarly dangerous place, but with a more supernatural bent. It’s a part of a mythological legend, also known as the Black Lodge. While there is a higher purpose for souls passing through this extradimensional space, evil spirits lie in wait to abuse and torment innocent souls.

The most obvious similarities between Soul Eater’s Black Room and Twin Peaks Red Room are the red curtains and black and white flooring. There’s also the shared element of jazz music, a genre famous for its quick changes of pace, raw expressions, and brilliant improvisation, which could certainly help to illustrate the chaos of both stories.

But the similarities don’t end there. The heroes in both series are commanders of justice fighting against the criminally insane to uphold harmony. Soul is fighting to destroy, and therefore punish, evildoers with violence, while Dale Cooper uses his strength to uphold the law and punish evildoers through less violent means.

Both Soul and Dale wind up caught in an overwhelming predicament that threatens their lives and haunts them with disturbing visuals and an identical and dangerous plane of reality. The heroes’ hosts are similar as well, both small-sized but greatly powerful villains who might not do much outside their words to threaten the heroes but certainly hold all the power in their respective rooms.

Overall, the similarities between Soul Eater’s Black Room and Twin Peaks’ Red Room are numerous and striking. By paying homage to this iconic horror masterpiece, Soul Eater has added depth and meaning to its already rich tapestry of horror tropes.

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