Ranking of DC Extended Universe Films from Worst to Best

Still from the movie Justice League
  1. Suicide Squad (2016):
    • Despite a star-studded cast, the film struggled with a disjointed plot and uneven character development, leading to a critical letdown.
  2. Justice League (2017):
    • The heavily altered theatrical version faced criticism for its inconsistent tone and pacing, showcasing the challenges of balancing a large ensemble of superheroes.
  3. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016):
    • While visually striking, the film received mixed reviews, with some viewers expressing concerns about its dark tone and convoluted storyline.
  4. Wonder Woman 1984 (2020):
    • A divisive entry, the sequel faced criticism for its plot complexity and deviations from the first film’s success, although Gal Gadot’s performance as Wonder Woman was widely praised.
  5. Aquaman (2018):
    • Visually spectacular, but criticized for its formulaic plot and reliance on CGI, Aquaman showcased the challenges of bringing an underwater superhero to the big screen.
  6. Man of Steel (2013):
    • Henry Cavill’s debut as Superman received mixed reviews, with praise for its action sequences but criticism for its darker interpretation of the character.
  7. Shazam! (2019):
    • A lighter and more comedic tone distinguished Shazam! from other DCEU films, receiving praise for its charm and humor, but some felt it lacked the epic scale of other superhero movies.
  8. Birds of Prey (2020):
    • Margot Robbie’s return as Harley Quinn garnered positive reviews for its style and energy, but the film faced challenges with its narrative structure.
  9. Wonder Woman (2017):
    • Widely acclaimed for Gal Gadot’s performance and Patty Jenkins’ direction, Wonder Woman marked a turning point for the DCEU with a more optimistic and empowering tone.
  10. The Suicide Squad (2021):
    • James Gunn’s take on the Suicide Squad received praise for its humor, character development, and willingness to take risks, earning it a spot among the best in the DCEU.
  11. Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021):
    • The Snyder Cut, a reimagining of the Justice League film, received acclaim for its coherent narrative, improved character arcs, and the realization of Zack Snyder’s original vision.
  12. The Dark Knight (2008):
    • Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, although not officially part of the DCEU, deserves mention for its impact on the superhero genre, with Heath Ledger’s Joker earning widespread acclaim.
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This ranking reflects the varied reception of DCEU films, considering factors such as storytelling, character development, visual effects, and overall audience and critical responses.

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