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Absent DCEU Films on Netflix

With the closure of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) in 2023, enthusiasts won’t find the entire roster of DCEU films on Netflix. While numerous DCEU entries are now available for streaming on Netflix, several notable titles remain conspicuously absent. As the DCEU transitions into DC Studios’ new era, exemplified by the imminent release of “Aquaman […]

Reasons Behind Netflix’s Absence of 7 Major DCEU Films

Despite Netflix’s recent acquisition of several DCEU (DC Extended Universe) movies on December 1, 2023, avid fans may have noticed a glaring omission of some key franchise installments from the streaming platform’s catalog. While it’s undoubtedly exciting to see iconic films like Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and The Suicide Squad […]

DC’s four 2023 films lag behind a 15-year-old box office success

Despite the DCEU’s resurgence at the box office with the unexpected success of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, the overall performance of DC’s 2023 film lineup falls notably behind the enduring legacy of a cinematic phenomenon, The Dark Knight, which celebrated its 15th anniversary. Aquaman’s sequel managed to reach the commendable milestone of $400 million […]

The Dark Knight star’s advice could help combat superhero fatigue in MCU and DCU

In the realm of superhero cinema, the immortal words of Harvey Dent in Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight’ – ‘You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain’ – resonate not only as a memorable line but as a prophetic commentary on the trajectory of the superhero genre […]

Gen V’s Patrick Schwarzenegger is open to becoming the new Green Lantern in the DCU

Patrick Schwarzenegger has expressed his openness to take on the role of Hal Jordan in the DC Universe. Following the conclusion of Gen V’s first season, Schwarzenegger is available for his next project and is willing to join the new Green Lantern series if DC Studios executives decide to cast him. Although he doesn’t actively […]

10 Unresolved DCEU Storylines with No Future Payoff

The Joker’s Daughter: The DCEU introduced a mysterious character who claimed to be the Joker’s daughter in “Suicide Squad.” However, with the trajectory of the DCEU changing, this plotline is unlikely to be explored further, leaving fans wondering about her true identity. Lex Luthor’s Arkham League: In “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” Lex Luthor […]

Ranking the Least Compelling Supervillain Origins in the DCEU

Enchantress (Suicide Squad, 2016): Enchantress’s origin lacked depth, and her transformation from June Moone to a powerful sorceress felt rushed and unexplored. Incubus (Suicide Squad, 2016): As the brother of Enchantress, Incubus suffered from a lack of character development, leaving audiences disconnected from his role as a major antagonist. Steppenwolf (Justice League, 2017): Steppenwolf’s origin […]

Ranking of DC Extended Universe Films from Worst to Best

Suicide Squad (2016): Despite a star-studded cast, the film struggled with a disjointed plot and uneven character development, leading to a critical letdown. Justice League (2017): The heavily altered theatrical version faced criticism for its inconsistent tone and pacing, showcasing the challenges of balancing a large ensemble of superheroes. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice […]

Ranking the 7 Wonder Woman Actresses from Least to Best

Cathy Lee Crosby (1974): Crosby’s portrayal in the 1974 TV movie “Wonder Woman” is often considered a departure from the iconic character. The costume and character interpretation deviated significantly from the traditional Wonder Woman image. Adrianne Palicki (2011): Palicki’s depiction in the 2011 TV pilot wasn’t well-received, and the show was not picked up. The […]