10 Unresolved DCEU Storylines with No Future Payoff

  1. The Joker’s Daughter: The DCEU introduced a mysterious character who claimed to be the Joker’s daughter in “Suicide Squad.” However, with the trajectory of the DCEU changing, this plotline is unlikely to be explored further, leaving fans wondering about her true identity.
  2. Lex Luthor’s Arkham League: In “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” Lex Luthor hints at forming the “Arkham League” with other supervillains. Unfortunately, this intriguing setup seems to have been abandoned, and fans may never see this alliance come to fruition.
  3. The Knightmare Timeline: The dark, apocalyptic future glimpsed by Batman in “Batman v Superman” teased a potential alternate timeline. As the DCEU undergoes shifts in direction, the resolution of this dystopian future is uncertain.
  4. Deadshot’s Daughter: “Suicide Squad” introduced Deadshot’s complex relationship with his daughter. With changes in casting and the DCEU’s direction, the storyline involving Deadshot’s family may remain unresolved.
  5. The Trench: “Aquaman” hinted at a spin-off centered around the terrifying Trench creatures. However, with the DCEU focusing on other projects, the fate of this potential standalone film is uncertain.
  6. The Enchantress’ Return: Enchantress was a formidable antagonist in “Suicide Squad,” and her defeat left room for a potential return. However, with the evolving plans for the DCEU, the resolution of her storyline may be left hanging.
  7. Darkseid’s Anti-Life Equation: The looming threat of Darkseid and the Anti-Life Equation was teased in “Justice League.” Still, due to changes in the DCEU roadmap, the resolution of this cosmic conflict might be delayed or altered.
  8. The New Gods: The introduction of New Gods like Steppenwolf and hints at Apokolips raised expectations for a cosmic saga. However, uncertainties about the DCEU’s cosmic direction may result in these storylines being abandoned or altered.
  9. Harley Quinn’s Solo Ventures: Harley Quinn’s popularity led to discussions of solo films. However, with the evolving DCEU plans, the outcome of these projects, including a Gotham City Sirens film, is uncertain.
  10. The Flashpoint Paradox: The concept of the Flashpoint storyline, where Barry Allen alters the timeline, was hinted at in “Justice League.” Given the changes in the DCEU landscape, the exploration of this time-altering narrative remains unclear.

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