Ranking the Least Compelling Supervillain Origins in the DCEU

  1. Enchantress (Suicide Squad, 2016): Enchantress’s origin lacked depth, and her transformation from June Moone to a powerful sorceress felt rushed and unexplored.
  2. Incubus (Suicide Squad, 2016): As the brother of Enchantress, Incubus suffered from a lack of character development, leaving audiences disconnected from his role as a major antagonist.
  3. Steppenwolf (Justice League, 2017): Steppenwolf’s origin was overshadowed by CGI-heavy visuals, making it challenging for viewers to engage with his character beyond his menacing appearance.
  4. Ares (Wonder Woman, 2017): Ares’ reveal as the main antagonist felt somewhat forced, and his backstory didn’t receive the depth needed to make his role truly compelling.
  5. Cheetah (Wonder Woman 1984, 2020): While Kristen Wiig’s portrayal was praised, the rushed and underdeveloped transformation of Barbara Minerva into Cheetah left audiences wanting more.
  6. Diablo (Suicide Squad, 2016): While Diablo’s backstory had potential, the limited exploration of his character and abrupt sacrifice left viewers with unanswered questions.
  7. Katana (Suicide Squad, 2016): Katana’s origin was condensed into brief moments, robbing audiences of the opportunity to connect with her emotionally.
  8. Black Mask (Birds of Prey, 2020): Roman Sionis, aka Black Mask, suffered from a lack of depth, and his transformation into a criminal mastermind felt oversimplified.
  9. Rick Flag (Suicide Squad, 2016): Despite being a key character, Rick Flag’s origin and motivations were overshadowed by the film’s focus on other members of the Suicide Squad.
  10. Incubus (Suicide Squad, 2016): Incubus, though visually imposing, lacked a compelling backstory, making him a forgettable adversary in the larger DCEU landscape.

While the DCEU has produced memorable characters and compelling narratives, these supervillain origin stories fell short in providing the depth and development needed to make them truly impactful.

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